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2014 Week 14 Redskins v Colts

Blognosticator - DieselPwr44

Guess Things Happen That Way

Johnny Cash used to have an old song with a lyric that went like this:

You ask me if I’ll get along

I guess I will, some way

I don’t like it but I guess things happen that way…

To me, that’s kind of the way I feel nowadays watching our beloved Redskins play.

Hello Guys and Gals of BGO! I am your very humbled correspondent DieselPwr44, assigned with the task of doing some blognostication (that’s Navajo meaning bloviating) on the Redskins and their next adventure as they travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts!

The Redskins come into this contest with their usual flair for the dramatic…not on the field..but everywhere else. TNT likes to say they know drama but they could learn some lessons in that department if they visited the park in Ashburn!

In the midst of the swirl and suck stands Jay Gruden, who must feel like the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island trying to wrestle the wheel with Gilligan hanging on him. His no nonsense approach to matters give me hope when it comes to trying to right the ship in the rough seas we find ourselves in.

At 3 and 8 and clearly resigned to playing out the string, we look to the future and remain hopeful that young guys get their chance to prove their worth.
Can RG3 learn this offense and progress?

Can Morgan Moses and Spencer Long get meaningful playing time and solidify the line?

Can Jim Haslett get a clue? A pancake and a smoke?

These questions and more abound as the Redskins take on Andrew Luck and the Colts.

As for our opponent, talk about guess things happen that way!

You let go of one of the greatest Qbs of all time and have Luck look your way in the next draft! An up and coming Qb that’s a definite difference maker.

They also have a guy in TY Hilton that scares most DC’s to death with his speed and an old vet in Reggie Wayne to keep things calm on offense. They will definitely give our squad all they want and then some!

The Colts possess a defense that’s 17th vs the run and 20th vs the pass. That’s the definition of mediocre in my book, except for they are ranked 8th in the league in sacks. This dovetails tighter than an armband on Laron Landry’s bicep with our weakness which is Oline pass protection! Jay and Co. are going to have to get Robert out of the pocket and get our backs and TE’s focused on pass protection, if we are to have a chance.

The key to stopping any potent offense is to get pressure on the QB and control the clock on offense. Can we do it? Can we learn the lessons of the past?

Well, just last Sunday, we saw Alfred Morris get his groove back, putting 125 yds up on the board and helping to control the clock. He was bolstered by an improving Special Teams and an above the board performance by a beleaguered defense. We have to get this same production to have a chance this week.

The Redskins though, have already written the recipe for this game that we all know too well: A close game that comes down to a play here or there that decides the outcome.

If Jay and McVay can jiggle the wires to where the string of lights flicker “on” in the passing game, we can win this game. But until that happens, I’m going to say 24-17 Colts.

Here’s to hoping Clark Griswold’s in the house to get the lights on.
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