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2014 - Week 13 Redskins v Rams

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Damn I hate losing. I hate losing more than I love winning. The only thing I hate as bad as losing, is quitting. Cause quitting, is losing.

My team is playing terrible. My coaches are coaching terrible. And there ain't a damned thing I can do about it. And I know it. But I will never be embarrassed to be a Redskins fan. It's part of who I am. I will not feign being done with them. The sun rises in the east again tomorrow. And I eagerly await the next game for my beloved Redskins. I truly believe happy days are ahead. It's the only thing I have control over. I choose to be optimistic about the future. It doesn't mean I can't see realities. It just means I know that the possibility for success is always there. And like one of my childhood idols, James Tibirius Kirk, I don't believe in the "no win" scenario.

So then, enough about me. The Rams are coming to town. Our boys have been, struggling, to put it mildly, and things don't get any easier this week. I'm not worried about their players. Their overall talent level isn't any better than ours. Where they have the advantage, is coaching. And it ain't even close. Jeff Fisher is a better coach than all of our coaches, combined. He could come in here and coach the Rams to victory, and then switch sides and coach the Redskins to victory over the same Ram team. He obviously has a huge experience advantage over Gruden. He's forgotten more about defense than Haslett will ever know. And he knows more about special teams than everyone else who'll be on the field Sunday. The only obstacle he faces this week is his team being overly full of itself after last week. And no coach can always protect against that. Not even Gibbs. Fisher gets more, out of less. Lord help us all if he ever stumbled on a Brady, like Belicheat did.

Gruden's still learning to crawl. Fisher's running triathlons, in comparison.

I like Jay Gruden. I still believe he will ultimately do very well here. But so far, he's an obvious rookie head coach, struggling with his potty training. His greatest accomplishment so far, is turning the confidence of his 2 best QB's, into mush. They now play with the same "deer in the headlights" uncertainty, that he himself is suffering from. We can only hope his progressive slide downward ends soon. Hopefully against the Rams. Not an easy task against a much better coaching staff, with a confident team, that just hung 50+ on the hapless Raiders. Their reward? They get the hapless Redskins.

I know I'm not the first to point this out around here. Gruden, has his offense playing, just like he's coaching. Which is really, really bad. Haslett, has his unit playing like he's always coached. Horribly. Special teams has played marginally better, at times. But they are far from an inspiring group.

So, how the hell are we going to beat the Rams?

Well, it's a funny thing about football. You never know when a game will happen that can begin to transform a team/coach/player from unsure, to confident, to downright cocky. I look for the Rams to be fired up at the start, and mouthy. To the point where somebody's pride is gonna have to rise up, boil over, and burn their arrogant asses. Players have the ability, on the field, to bypass poor coaching. We've seen it happen. Not often enough, but it's been there.

We have to hope that Gruden's desperation to get a win, at home, instead of being booed off the field, again, doesn't lead him to another poor display of play calling, game management, lack of control, and leadership failure. He has failed to provide much of any to date. He has failed miserably at getting even average production out of this team. I know Goaldie has said it already, but until Gruden finds his feet as a leader, we'll have to rely on the occasional inspirational play from a group of inconsistent players. Maybe Colt. Maybe Griffin again. Maybe Almo. Maybe the receivers. Maybe the defense.

I will always look forward to our games. Been doing so for over 40 years. Not about to change now. I want to be there when we turn the corner. I believe every time I cast my line, I'm going to catch a big fish. I believe every time I go hunting, I'm going to successfully bag my prey. And I believe every time we take the field, we're going to win. The secret is, being able to handle it when it doesn't happen. I know others have already turned their focus to the offseason. I prefer to wait until, the offseason. The time for the front office stuff, is 4 games away. For now, it's all on Gruden, the other coaches, and the players on the field. Gruden needs to stop doing poopie in his pampers, and lead the way. He needs to dive under the same bus he threw Robert under. He needs to throw Haslett under there too. He may already have, behind closed doors. Where Robert's critique should have been handled. That's the biggest load he's dropped in his pants so far. Griffin was obviously struggling. But so is the entire team. Led by an equally struggling rookie head coach. The team is a direct reflection of Gruden.

So then, a lucky bounce on special teams, combined with the defense continuing their recent knack for creating turnovers, will finally allow the offense to score more points than the opposition. We need the players to take charge of this game. Cause if it hangs on Fisher vs Gruden, we don't have a prayer.

I believe they will.

Redskiins 24

Rams 20
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