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2013 - Week 9 @ Minnesota Vikings

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The Start of Something?

This past game against San Diego felt very different. Through 55 minutes I was very confident we were going to win that game, something I honestly haven’t been able to say often this season. Then the horrors of the last however many years of not having a closer came back. With a 2 score lead the momentum shifted. The offense failing to mount a game icing drive to put it away. The defense held, forcing a 4th and 2, then allowed a wide open receiver to convert. Allowing the Chargers to drive deep into Redskins territory, mounting no real pass rush, and letting Rivers drive the Chargers downfield toward victory. Then it happened. On 2nd and 1 on the 6 yard line, Rivers hits Woodhead on a pass in the flat, streaking towards the right pylon and BOOM, he’s met mid-air by David Amerson. Originally called a touchdown, it went to review. What appears to be the entire season hanging in the balance, this one call could do it. No touchdown. The next 3 plays are something saved for feel good scripts and movies. A goal line stand form the 1 yard line to force a field goal attempt, and overtime.

These are the moments that prior to last year, we lose. 20 years of struggle, THESE are the moments that have been the breaking point for our beloved franchise. I saw a football game that gave this team a different definition from what it once was. A team that fought, tooth and nail, and while being beat on certain plays, they never gave up. Garcon getting manhandled on a pass, still catching the ball one handed. Robert Griffin III elevating on a scramble, flipping backwards, and still getting the first down, continuing an important drive in the third quarter. These are the things we’ve missed. This is what we had last year, and feared that we had reverted back to it through the beginning of the year. Last year, we went from 3 and 6, last place, and calling for the coaches head, to division champion. I’m not picking 7 in a row, but I do feel that the play Amerson made could very well be… the start of something.

We are half way through a season that, up until this point, has been largely disappointing. We have our struggles, but we’ve also been marred by a cap penalty, as well as the boys down at the scheduling department. That being said, it appears to be looking up from here. The first 8 games, we’ve played some hot teams, a brand new offense, and Green bay AND Denver in their homes. The combined record of our opponents being 37 – 27, which is a strong .578 winning percentage. Fret not my brethren, as the next 8 games, our opponents are 31-36, being a modest .462. Take the KC Chiefs record out of that and it’d drops to 22-36, all the way down to .379. Does this mean we will 7 in a row? Most likely not, but we sure as heck look a lot better over the course of the next 8 games.

Onto the task at hand, the Minnesota Vikings. On paper, this is a game we should absolutely win. The Vikings are an anemic 28th in total offense, while they’re 27th in total defense. Let us not forget that they have the best RB in the league, and still rank in the top 10 in rushing, but with a constant QB carousel, they’re really going to struggle putting up anything through the air. Then again, our pass defense hasn’t exactly been all world. On the other side of the ball, we should be able to put up points. Statistically, believe it or not, we are 5th in total offense. This past week we did something that we need to do again. CONTINUE TO RUN THE BALL. Minnesota will have taken notes on Darrel Young, which hopefully will open things up for Morris and Helu jr, as well as opened up the play action.

I think we blow up, sustaining drives, and scoring consistently. If we can then contain Peterson and force whoever is behind center, presumably Ponder, to beat us through the air. If we can establish some sort of a pass rush, and our secondary can continue to get better, it’s going to be a long day/night for the Vikings. I feel good with the matchup, even if they did just take it to the hated rival within the east, and the fact that it’s a short week might just be what we needed. That sounds odd, but true. It’s said that on short weeks like this, the coaches use the same game plan since they don’t have as much time to institute a new one. Well we had 4 rushing touchdowns, Morris had 121 yards rushing, and we won the football game. Sounds like a good gameplan to me!
Prediction: Redskins 34 Vikings 20.

I think (maybe I hope) we ride Morris/Helu all game long. A couple of key catches by Jordan Reed, and another gritty performance by Pierre Garcon, all add up to a great win before we have 9 days off.
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