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2013 - Week 7 @ Denver Broncos

Blognosticator - CounterTrey

We've seen it all before.

The life of a Redskins fan is full of a lot of ups and downs (mostly downs lately). It can be painful and joyous at the same time. Yes it sounds crazy but we all know the feeling. There was a lot of it against Chicago last weekend. The Redskins roll down the field in seemingly dominant fashion and have all the momentum, but even in that moment of glory there's still the nagging itch that something ugly is right around the corner. Sure enough, BOOM! punt returned for a TD. The sad thing is it's old hat for some of us Redskins fans. I thought I had it kicked for good but sadly this is reminiscient of a period that created an actual syndrome called Norvitis. Its true, look it up.

Sure feels like it doesn't it? Those teams were maddening in the same way this team evidently is going to be. It's 1998 and the Redskins had a team that could put up numbers but couldn't stop a pee wee team on D. They were a two steps forward one step back type of team that was very typical of Norv's tenure. They'd tease ya with ridiculous plays on offense and light up the scoreboard only to watch it erased in easy fashion by the opposing O who was sure to have a franchise day.

They wound up 6-10.

Back then I used to get crazy every week rooting for a team that seemed to have a lot of talent but played sloppy and stupid and lost games they should have won. We all know it got so bad that it wound up ruining the psyche of a large chunk of our fanbase. We called it "Norvitis" or getting "Norvous". I was heavily infected by it and it took literally years for any signs of wearing off to show. The Spurrier years broke many of us but eventually Gibbs restored some faith. Sadly we got Zorn after that and all bets were off.

Fast forward to last year and after a season of RG3sus it felt like a light had been shining on the franchise and the clouds were FINALLY parting. Ahh not so fast silly Redskins fan, that was a tease, you'll get your nose rubbed in it soon enough. So we get this year and a floundering team that makes me Norvous all over again.

Griffin is coming along nicely but still needs more refinement of his timing. The O line is as thin as many of us thought and the D is what some expected after last year's ups and downs but I don't think anyone expected this record setting, swiss cheese unit that's been playing.

With a trip to Denver on the horizon against a seemingly fired up Bronco team it doesn't look good this week unless the receivers can start holding on to ball, Griffin can dial it in more and the D can somehow remember how to tackle and play their gaps correctly. Of course all of this is assuming the Special Teams somehow finds a way to start playing pro ball again but that might be as much of a stretch as the D figuring out how to stop someone.

I hope they find a way and can keep improving on O. 45 points SHOULD be enough to win any game but with this D it's two steps forward one step back at best. Let's all hope Haslett and the D have a breakthrough this week like the O seemed to have last week. If not it's going to be a long season with lot's of "Norvous" Redskins fans.

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