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2013 - Week 5 @ Dallas Cowboys

Blognosticator - SkinsOrlando

Stop what you’re doin cuz I’m about to ruin about these Redskins that frustrate me. My name is SkinsO, and I’m about to throw, some lyrics and phrases of the ages. Ok, seriously though, don’t ask why I felt the need to open with a Digital Underground reference. I tossed out a more reasonable introduction somewhere during the past 4 games when it comes to the 2013 Washington Redskins.

Conventional wisdom (Einstein) dictates that the definition of insanity is the doing the same thing over and expecting different results. When discussing the current state of our Offensive line I could think of no other phrase that best suits our situation in the trenches. We could debate, discuss and have numerous dialogues regarding why they are devoid of talent at several positions but due to the possibility of developing high blood pressure and potential stroke risk is just unwise and illogical. So instead let’s sum up the glaringly obvious, we’ve drafted poorly in this realm if and when we actually draft an O-lineman, bombed in FA over the years at these positions and of course F Mara. Our running game suffers because teams recognize, that we can only run left!!! Morris has still displayed toughness but when playing from behind the majority of the season in fact let’s just say all but 8 minutes of the season his opportunities have been limited and he’s now nursing a rib injury, good time for the bye week. Of course, even if Morris can’t go in Dallas, I have faith in Roy Helu Jr. While he doesn’t quite have the shear gladiator like mentality that Morris does, he’s quick, agile, acrobatic and was only a short while ago a high probable starter before injury.

For our next opponent, the current leaders of the NFC Least division, they continue to have issues in balancing their offense and no one fears their running game. However, our propensity to arm tackle could change that statement early and further become detrimental to my hairline. Gentleman of Burgundy and Gold, please go look deep in your basements, search with a flash light if needed, dig through the cobwebs and darkness and find your cojones for all things sacred. Where it could get exceedingly difficult for us in Dallas is in the secondary, albeit we are actually playing better here as the days in the calendar turn, it’s just that when better means you went from vile to putrid it leaves little positive motivation. Very negative connotations and observations regarding the secondary I know but oddly enough, I actually believe they will more than hold their own on game day this time. Why? Call it homerism, call it irrational, call it a hunch, call it intuition, we pick Romo off twice at critical times, so let it be written, so let it be done. Purposefully I’ve gone almost 500 words without discussing our own QB. I will revert back to the earlier portion of this write up regarding our offensive line. We’ve watched what were definitive miscues, misreads, dropped passes and not necessarily the wisest of decisions but there just hasn’t been much time on a consistent basis for a qb to develop a rhythm. The makers of Nexium are making a killing on the acid reflux incurred from this. I’m not convinced that the health is at 100% or that the confidence is either but it’d be dishonest in my opinion to believe that another option behind center would fair any better. Yeah there’s the “that’s pure conjecture” argument otherwise known as “we don’t know unless we try”. We do know to a certain degree that the athleticism of the maestro last year put blinders on the actual state of our guys upfront, it’s being exploited now. I’ll give our qb the benefit of the doubt at this point in time because well, he freakin earned it. When I started to become critical of our qb (and openly have been in game chats) I thought about what some people call “political capital”. Meaning those who’ve accomplished good, great and exceptional things are given the courtesy of figuring it out, even if it takes awhile. I believe using Nostradamus like prediction skills mixed in with a combination of numerous depression foods including but not limited to pizza, wings, beef jerky, more wings and beer that we see the opening of the cocoon, the re-emergence of the desert flower in the rain and the confidence, execution and what might be just as important, having fun from our qb. Be that as it may, this game will be close at times, we will lead by 10 at halftime, only to trail by 4 heading into the 4th quarter, where we, the good guys, will put on our work boots, wipe the dirt from our eyes, the sweat from our brow and proceed to finish with a volcanic fever of jubilant emotions.

Skins 34 Dallas 24 – HAIL TO THE REDSKINS !!!!

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