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2013 - Week 17 @ NY Giants

Blognosticator - Neophyte

This was someone else's slot originally. I had not intended to ever write another Blognostication, at least not during the regular season, after doing the very first one but after a volunteer told me they could no longer do it and this long season wore on I realized that I could not stick anyone else with this task. Writing this last one of the season should be a joyful task undertaken with glee and a grin big enough to make the Cheshire Cat proud.

That isn't possible here. This is a task akin to planning the funeral for the town drunk. You know the guy. Heck, everyone knows him. He was respectable once but has fallen on hard times. Every once in a while he cleans himself up and has good run for a few weeks but inevitably something goes wrong for him and once again he finds himself back in the bottle.

Our Skins are a lot like that at the moment.

They put together a good quarter here, a good half there or maybe, like last season, a string of good games but they slide back into NFL mediocrity or worse.

The only saving grace in this, the 17th and last weekend of NFL regular season action, is that the Giants have the potential to be worse. A lot worse. Their offensive line might be the only one in the league worse than ours and their defense is beat up. Eli Manning is posting his worst season as a pro in years.

In short, this should be a walk off win for the Skins. But of course we all thought that a few weeks ago when these two teams suited up and we know how that worked out.

I'll be honest, I haven't got a clue how this game goes. It's in NY which has traditionally been something of a house of horrors for our boys so that seems to work against us.

Also working against us is the black cloud hanging over the club in terms of future leadership. The players have to be as aware of the uncertainty as we fans are. How will that uncertainty show up on the field? Will they play harder to show the owner something in favor of the staff or will they mail it in thinking nothing will help at this point?

Then there is the matter of this being London Fletcher's last game. I can't imagine that the team, especially the defense, wants to send their captain out on a loss. Surely emotions will be high with his departure eminent. But will those high emotions help or hurt? That is my question.

Presumably this is also Kirk Cousins final game as the starting QB for the Skins and maybe his last with the team. He has to aware that this is his last chance to impress some QB needy club out there; getting them to offer up something Washington might be willing to accept in trade for his services. He certainly wants to be a starter in this league and he knows this is Griffin's team. I'd want out if I were him, especially with the uncertainty in Ashburn.

And where are the coaches' heads? On either sideline? It isn't like the Giants have had a great season either and while Coughlin is reportedly in control of his own fate you have to think his assistants are sweating it a bit. Will he replace some of them? Then there are the questions on the Washington sideline where no coach can be resting easy at night...

Here is what I am looking for on Sunday...

A big game from Rak and Kerrigan. The NY line is suspect in pass protection and Eli isn't known for his mobility. I'm looking for 4 sacks out of our starting outside backers.

Morris should once again carry the load on offense with a 22 carry, 140 yard, one score game.

Cousins has his best game as pro, throwing for over 400 against a horrible Giants secondary. He will find Garcon 8 times for over 150 of those yards but Robinson gets the big play of the day as he and Cousins hook up for a 60+ yard TD.

Despite all the offensive fireworks and big sack count, it's a tight game requiring a defensive stand at the end to keep NY from taking the lead.

Skins get their 4th win of the year, 28-24.

Monday morning Snyder strips Shanahan of his VP title and final say on player personnel. In response Shanahan quits. Snyder fires the rest of the coaching staff and makes Bruce Allen the GM for real rather than in name only, leaving him with the responsibility of finding the next head coach of the Washington Redskins.

I won't be surprised if everything plays out exactly as I have predicted and I won't be surprised if none of this happens. It has been just that kind of year in Ashburn.

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