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2013 - Week 14 vs Kansas City Chiefs

Blognosticator - Stevenaa

Hello Redskins Diehards,

It is only you who are left to read such muse as a weekly Blognostication. The fair weather fans have long since retired to far less stressful Sunday afternoon endeavors. I tell myself I’ll do the same, but yet keep coming back for more. I’m sure there’s some multi syllabic, hard to pronounce name for this affliction, but whatever it is I’ve yet to find a pill to cure the ill. Be that as it may, we find ourselves mired in a season of disappointment heading into our week 14 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

This game appears to be a tale of two records. 9-3 for the Chiefs and 3- 9 for our beloved, if not besieged, Washington Redskins. A tale of opposites. Last year the Chiefs finished with an abysmal 2-14 record. Just another putrid season stacked upon previous putrid seasons. No hope looming for the poor Saints fans, while our hopes took a promising flight skyward. Our team rallied late and showed the promise of improvement and tangible hope for the future we’ve longed for. Division Winners!!!! That’s right, things were finally looking up. Of course that feeling didn’t last long with “The Injury” coming on the heels of Winning the Division!!, but hey, we had an offseason ahead for a miraculous recovery and the future was still bright.

Now, most of the way through the season it’s the Chief’s with a new coach, better than most of us like to admit, and a winning record, seemingly in the throes of reversing their fortunes: And here we sit enduring another downward spiral of a season. Questioning our sanity once again. Run through a ringer of turmoil, disappointment, bouts of self-destruction (with some self-loathing mixed in), and play so bad at times we don’t know if we should blame the coaching, the scheme the talent or all of the above, throwing in the owner for good measure. But, at the end of the day, we’re fans of the Washington Redskins. We’re used to a little disappointment now and again. We know how to deal; How to cope with it. Just make it through the season and the offseason will make it all better. We all know, and believe in our heart of hearts that we will rise to prominence again. All we have to do is keep the faith.

But I digress. It’s hard not to when thinking about this season. I began pulling up stats and charting out which team has the advantage, but in truth, I find it hard to get so motivated. It’s just been a tough season. We may be a bit better on offense, and they on Defense statistically that it’s a push. They have better kickoff and punt averages to a significant enough degree that it may sway the field position game enough in their favor to make the difference. I see this as a close game. One that really will hinge on the attitude of the teams. Will the up and coming, improving Chief’s show up with something to prove against a team that appears inferior based on record? Will our boys come out with fight, demonstrating grit and determination to not let the season be a complete lost cause? I sure hope for all our sakes it’s the latter.

Prediction: I haven’t a freaking clue but I’ll be plugged in to watch none the less. >Hail
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