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2013 - Week 13 vs New York Giants

Blognosticator - Rymanofthenorth

I spent some time this morning pondering about what to write about this matchup. I thought about titling it "Karma" because the Giants on paper should be a much better team, they have had much more success recently than we have with super bowl victories, top 10 defences and Offences that actually look professional for more than a quarter at at time. Their owner was one of the driving forces behind one of the biggest screwjobs in pro sports history, namely the Redskins getting hit with a salary cap penalty during what was an uncapped year.

Now I could go on about how a team like the buccaneers took that uncapped year, and actually spent LESS than the mandated floor, saved their money and grabbed some pricey free agents the next season. how other teams cut pricey freeagents and suffered no penalty, but whats the point? we didnt fight it, we just bent over and took it. but this would be why I consider it to be Karma for the Giants to be suffering through an atrocious season despite what looks on paper to be a solid team. We suck because our coaching staff has sucked at finding talent that fits what they want to do and they suck because of harsh luck.

Our records are similiar, The Giants are 4-7 their points for are 213 and their points against are 280.
The redskins are 3-8 and our points for are 252 and points against are 338.

But lets be honest, the giants have had a pile more injuries than we have, at one point they signed Peyton Hillis off the street after resigning Brandon Jacobs, they simply cant keep a lead back healthy and they were reduced to playing their 5th string Corner. But when I go through their Roster,although they have some small holes, they do not have the gaping canyons of crapulence that we as redskins fans have become accustomed to. I cannot remember when we actually had backups worth playing.

Part of the problem we have is that we have simply had too many holes to fill at once. There has been a lot of argument but the truth is when we changed to the 3-4, we already had a complete rebuild coming on offence, when shanny took over the defence was actually decent, nothing spectacular but the offence was horrific. the only starter worth the name at the time was Portis who was on his last legs. We had no NFL quality starters aside from Portis and Moss on offence, But Shanny has a rep as an offensive guy, so we knew we would at least score points and when he said we would win right away, most of us believed him.

despite shannys judgement that we were playoff bound with a few tweaks, he also decided to completely revamp the defence as well. which was confusing because the defence really just needed some tweaks not be blown up this decision ranks up there with the worst decisions ever made by this franchise and I will tell you why.

when doing an entire team rebuild in the pros, you have limited resources to do it with, you have draft picks, you have free agency, and you have street free agents. with that limited pool you also have a salary cap, so you have to be careful with your resources. Shanny basically decided to scrap the defence which obviously needed a huge investment of resources, while also revamping the offence which also demanded the same amount. The first year shanny ignored the defence and it dropped to almost last place. The next year he ignored the defence again and it improved marginally then in the third year the defence regressed while the offence improved dramatically based on the play of RG3. the investment on defence was pathetic and resulted in severe drop off because the players simply didnt fit the scheme. the offence despite heavy investment in receivers and the addition of a quarterback that cost us heavily, is now again a below average group only now we also have a pathetic defence to go with it. The Line is overmatched and cannot be counted on in the passing game, the smoke and mirrors that the read option and zbs use dont work with a qb afraid to run and who is getting hit on every single drop back.

Our biggest holes right now are at Right Tackle and Guard, with safety , Corner, and Nosetackle right behind. but we also need a linebacker (at least one preferably 3) a starting calibre left guard, a center who can compete, at least one DE, depth at corner and safety and depth at receiver. a list like that shows that this team is not even remotely ready to compete in the playoffs.
During this time, we have had opportunities to add talented guys many of whom were cheap. Evan Mathis, a top ranked guard, was one of the biggest misses, Eric winston could have been wooed better imho, that right there solidifies the line immediately. instead we wasted big money on a guy who is our fourth receiver.

The Giants in contrast, need a starting calibre running back, some secondary and linebacker help and maybe a lead receiver. they could use a franchise LT but they also have all their draft picks while we draft in the second round.

none of this matters, this game will be based on three things, can we run the ball? can we protect rg3 better than we have all year? because of we can and if we do, the giants secondary will have trouble with Garcon and Reed. Eli plays well against us, so on defence we will need to stop him. the giants run game is starting to look better as their players come back but its still finding its legs. one of the biggest questions will be "has shanny lost this team?" just because us fans would take this game very seriously just to screw the giants owner and get some revenge, doesnt mean the players feel the same way. frankly its gonna be interesting to see if they come out ready to play, or half ass it. I cant see us winning this one, but if we do, it will be because the offence steps up.
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