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2012 - Week 13 vs New York Giants

Blognosticator - Skinsorlando

Until recently, I have reserved the utmost level of venom for a specific team in Dallas. In fact, I’d still argue that the blood-curdling, absolute putrid disgust and disdain is still deeply rooted in all things Cowpukes.

However, this week brings us to the Giants, and that presents an interesting proposition. I dislike them. Extremely. And by dislike, I mean I hope that the Mara family suffers from chronic diarrhea and is forced to eat nothing but apricots.

The cap penalty fiasco, scenario, punishment or as I prefer to refer to it, chicken****, drastically changed my opinion on the boys in Jersey who play for NY. I think that one of Mara’s quotes shortly after the chicken**** says much more about the motive behind it.

“They're lucky they didn’t lose draft picks.”

Yes, we all read it, yes, it caused the blood pressure in Skins land to jump to stroke-level proportions, and yes, he’s an ass****.

What that really boils down to is Mara, after seeing we would land RG3, was scared, and in backdoor dealings tried to squirrel the trade after it was in effect.

And he should have been scared. If not for a last second defensive, shall we say, “lapse” in coverage (this would more easily be referred to as wtf are they doing), the Giants would presently be 6-5 or one game ahead of us going into the Monday night game.

Yeah, I’d have to change my tampon too if I was faced with the reality of RG3 owning the division for the next 10-15 years, and would want as harsh a penalty as possible too under those circumstances.

What does all this mean for our Monday night showdown in D.C.? Well, we--as in the only-team-that-actually-matters Washington Redskins--sit at 5-6, with two huge wins in a row, and are riding a wave of positive momentum and sit only one game under .500.

Kyle Shanahan's recent play calling has been shall I say much-improved, or more logical, and the results are showing. RB Alfred Morris continues to be the steal of the draft as he is nearing 1000 yards, and more importantly, the guys legs never stop churning for tough yards.

At wide receiver, Pierre Garçon is now healthy, or close to healthy, and is a flat-out player. Santana Moss’ resurgence as a 3rd-down option and slot receiver has worked as planned (one would have a valid argument to say better), and Aldrick “Here’s to you Mrs." Robinson "did you know your son is really fast?” needs to keep blazing downfield.

Watching RG3 play quarterback is like watching all the pieces of a symphony played by one individual. He’s not just as good as advertised; to quote Dr. Dre, “He’s the real deal Holyfield, and now you sucka’s and *** know how it feels”.

If Kyle continues to scheme well and his play calling stays at this level, the Giant’s defense is in for a long day. The Giant’s are 1-2 in their last 3 games and I expect a let down for them after the shellacking they gave Green Bay. The Giants inconsistency this time of year is epic, and I think the emotional high from the Green Bay game will make them overconfident, which is to our advantage.

Then again, there’s our defense. They face a Giants team which can produce points and move the chains when they’re clicking and Eli Manning is on.

As previously stated, they stole one due to apparent rectal cranium syndrome (head in ***) by our secondary in the last meeting. It’s hard to judge the defense this year. Losing two starters early and not having S Brandon Merriweather has left some glaring holes in a defense was already suspect.

I was vastly intrigued by the play of the defense in the first half against Dallas; it was like everything was finally starting to become cohesive. Of course, there are two halves of football, and the defense in the second half was blatantly bland, generic and overall vomitous. I feel that falls on the defensive coordinator for running numerous soft zone coverages when he barely gets front defensive pressure. That is a recipe to do, what’s that you say, oh yeah ... almost give up a 25 point lead.

The defense scares me when Haslett apparently forgets the object is to KEEP the opponent from scoring, and that topic has been discussed ad nauseum so we’ll wrap this up.

Skins 31 – Giants 23.

I just don’t think that their defense will keep up with a heavy dose of Morris pounding the rock and eating the clock, RG3 playing smart and spectacular football and, hopefully, Haslett reaching down deep and finding those things he forget so often, his balls.

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