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2011 - Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles

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Welcome fans. Our Redskins sit at 3-1, in first place in the division, and are well-rested after a bye week. Considering how we finished last season, I believe most of us would be pretty happy—and we should be. Our draft went well, our team is much more competitive and the atmosphere around the team is greatly improved. And even more, other teams in our division are struggling.

We face one of those struggling teams this weekend, as the previously billed “dream team” comes into Washington on Sunday. The Eagles are against the ropes, with their season possibly hanging in the balance. Losers of four in a row, they certainly don’t seem like the team that most people picked to win the division. But, as we all know, past records can usually be thrown out in rivalry games. And make no mistake about it, after last year’s Monday night embarrassment in Washington, this is a game that no one—not the players, the coaches or the fans should have a problem getting up for. It’s payback time….and we have a score to settle.

I won’t spend much time talking about the game last season. Some things are better off forgotten. Like car wrecks or broken arms from our youth, the mind has a healing way of removing painful experiences from our past. And last year’s game was exactly that. From our offense, to our defense, to coaching—that was as thorough of a beating as you are ever likely to see in the NFL.

The good news? Both teams are completely different this season. The Redskins are greatly improved on the lines, and our defense is intimidating in the second year of the 3-4 transition. We made some nice acquisitions, and this team is something we haven’t been in a long time—athletic. We can run with you. We can hit with you. We have some great athletes on the field.

The Eagles are also different. Everyone is aware of all the high-priced free agents they signed this offseason, but that isn’t their only change. Their former offensive line coach is now their defensive coordinator. And they lost two key contributors on special teams, in both their kicker and in our new outstanding punter, Sav Rocca. So let’s get down to it. Here are the keys to the game:


In Philly’s loss last week to the Buffalo Bills, one stat seems to have gone unnoticed. Buffalo attempted only three passes that were longer than ten yards in the air. All three were incomplete. While the Eagles may have a record of 1-4, they also have three of the most gifted athletes in the league in the secondary. We aren’t going to win the game by challenging them deep down the field. Rex needs to maintain his composure, and our passes should be short and fast. Slant routes, and passes to our two gifted TEs can exploit their vulnerable linebackers. We also need to avoid being predictable, and should occasionally throw on first down to keep that defense honest.

Run the ball. It’s no secret. It’s our strength, and stopping it is Philly’s weakness. For Washington to win the game, we are going to need to pound them in the running game. Torain and Helu need to come in and light it up. And hopefully Hightower will also be healthy enough to help in this department.


Philadelphia leads the entire league in rushing. Michael Vick not only threw for over 300 yards last weekend, but he also ran for another 90. Lesean McCoy is a complete running back, and is also a threat as a receiver. He is one of the top running backs in the league. Stopping them will not be easy.

And if that isn’t enough, their passing game produces big plays. This team scores quickly, and often. They average 25 points a game. We are going to need not only pressure and sacks, but we are going to need an interception or two. Last weekend Vick threw four of them….and the Eagles still had a chance to tie it at the end. Stopping all of the threats on this offense is no easy task.

Game Prediction

This game is anyone’s guess. If a desperate Philadelphia team can avoid multiple turnovers and stupid mistakes, I don’t see how we can score with them. Especially if we find ourselves playing from behind. However, if we can win the battle at the line of scrimmage, and can establish the run, we can send them to 1-5.

My prediction? Grab your heart medicine and hang on. This is going to be a wild one.

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