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  1. Burner's Burning Questions: Week Thirteen, Getting New Coaches Or Status Quo

    I am going with scenario #5. I have been against Shannahan for a while. I think you look at Scot McCloughan who is currently the Senior Personnel executive of the Seahawks to be GM. His footprints are all over the 49ers team. It was rumored that when he was with the 49ers he had family...
  2. Bruce Allen = Puppet? Scouting Department =Unchanged?

    Also, and I don't know if this is still true with the Skins, but when he was in Denver the rumor was that he only wanted to see the good things that a player could do. He never wanted to see the bad. He thought he could coach any player up to the level he thinks they can play. I agree with...
  3. Skins Quotes 11/15: M. Shanahan/K. Shanahan/Haslett

    I don't see how he was fined for his helmet being off. He had to have been fined for the verbal assaults. The helmet was beginning to come off because of the play, and then the clock was stopped, making it legal for him to remove his helmet. Maybe I am wrong and remembering it incorrectly...
  4. Alert Alert!

    These shows are excellent. I believe it started with the Bill Billicheck one. I really enjoyed the Steve McNair one as well. Cannot wait to see one of our own.
  5. What are your Hobbies??

    I hate flying, scares me to death. I had a pilot one time ask me what about it frightened me. I told him gravity.
  6. so far despite our current downswing Rg3 still looks good

    I really think part of our fails in FA and the draft fall on this coaching staff. How in the world can you put together coaches that have never run a certain scheme and then force them to run that scheme. It is flat out stupid! How can these same coaches evaluate the proper players to run...
  7. Blognostications: 2012 - Week 11 vs Philidelphia Eagles

    Unfortunately, I think Haslett waits for Foles to make a mistake instead of forcing him to make one. The interceptions we have had have been lucky so far. It is not like Haslett's schemes are creating them.
  8. Blognostications: 2012 - Week 11 vs Philidelphia Eagles

    Last year, week 6, Mccoy ran the ball 28 times against us for 126 yds and a td. I expect something similar this week. Eagles had 192? yds rushing against us that game. Haslett will have a plan to stop the short game based on Foles' game from last week. He will fail, McCoy will run all over...
  9. What are your Hobbies??

    Not cheesy at all!!!! I absolutely love my wife. Enjoy it!! I have a few friends and they all complain about their significant others often, but not me. I brag. In fact, if I were to complain, I would feel completely guilty because she is so awesome. I couldn't be happier. In fact, if I...
  10. I'd Fire Shanahan Right Now

    Never thought I would say this, but I am glad Snyder is unhappy
  11. My Problem with Shannahan

    I agree China. But, I am really down right now on Shannahan. We will see how the end plays out. If it doesn't improve, he definitely needs to go. If it is status quo..BYE!!!! If he dominates this second half, he should stay one more season. If there was a scale of 1-100 on if I wanted...
  12. Damn I miss Gibbs

    tr1 started his comment with 'under Gibbs.' In summation, I believe he was saying under Gibbs Aaron had an opportunity to be just as good as he was with the Packers. If I am wrong on that, I am sure tr1 will correct me. But, I stand by what I said. He never developed a young QB. It does not...
  13. Damn I miss Gibbs

    I respectfully disagree. I thought Aaron had a lot of improvements to make when he was drafted. So much so, that I questioned whether or not he was going to become a viable starter. My main question about him was his physical attributes. I really thought he was way too small and didn't have...
  14. My Problem with Shannahan

    Thanks McD5. Call me Omni though, so that way my thoughts and the real Om don't get confused :) Morris would be a mistake if we are going to run a 3-4. He has no experience at it. I worry that if we get rid of Haslett before the end of the season and Morris takes over, the play calling will...
  15. My Problem with Shannahan

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