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  1. Random Thoughts

    Checking in. I hope everyone of you is doing well and loving life. I've missed this place.
  2. Bruce, Scot and the Front Office.

    Well shit.....
  3. Random WFT Thoughts

    I've had an epiphany. The last month has been a nonstop agenda of remodeling bathrooms and getting our home ready to sell. (Trying to buy a small farm in South Carolina!) As a result, I've stayed off line for the most part and gave been insulated from whatever press driven drama has arisen...
  4. Salutations From Diehard Otis

    I'm very late, but welcome Otis! I'm glad you are here!
  5. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    Not a huge fan of the DC options so far
  6. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    As heartening as it us to know coaches that presided over this year's defensive travesty will be gone, I have to admit that I'm a little bummed at yet on there rebuild in one side of the ball
  7. New friend joining our family soon

    If anyone is interested in getting out over some birds with Arlo this year, let me know.
  8. Good Thoughts for Brother Henry

    Henry, I'm very sorry to be so late commenting. Please know you are in my family's prayers. Hope all is on the mend sir!
  9. New friend joining our family soon

    Just returned from a visit with Arlo. He is wrapping up his first 30 days of hunting training with an incredible trainer. Very happy to report he showed well hunting, pointing, holding and flushing!
  10. Random WFT Thoughts

    I hate being this way, but all that's in my mind is that the skins play prime time tonight and then nationally televised Thursday. History hasn't been kind to us on either stage.
  11. Random WFT Thoughts

    I think the most negative impact is missing trent
  12. Random WFT Thoughts

    Welcome to bgo sir
  13. Random WFT Thoughts

    Count me in as one who has lost some interest too. It started with mediocre skins play, then escalated with the wussification of the league in the name of safety, then grew worse with the salary cap penalty Bullshit, now culminating with what I see as the nfl taking on political stances and...
  14. TV Show Discussion Thread

    Watching Luke cage on Netflix. Not what I expected, but decent thus far. I've heard complaints that it's "too black". I disagree, while it is a show based in Harlem and very centric to African Americans, they also very tastefully have added many historical and other lessons about black...
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