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    We were outplayed

    I'd rather them win ugly than lose pretty while learning the new system and getting players they want on the roster. Dallas would have been happy to win by 1, and they looked rough too.
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    The Legend of the Gold Pants

    Well, every time I see pics from the game. I like the Gold more. LOVE the Gold car flags they handed out at the game too.
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    The Legend of the Gold Pants

    I'm not one to usually believe in karma or curses. But it really felt like a new era started Sunday night. How many games in the past would we have lost? Do I really credit the Gold Pants? No. But making them into a cult following type of thing is awesome in my opinion.
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    The Legend of the Gold Pants

    Got a twitter feed out there that just updates with RSS news and other twitter posts relating to the Redskins and those AWESOME AWESOME Gold Pants. If you guys are twitter people, please follow @SkinsGoldPants. I don't know about you guys. But I loved the look live from my seats and hope its...
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    PFT: John Harbaugh throws a few stones at the Jets, Redskins

    I was in Western PA last weekend visiting friends. One guy says "Who are the Skins playing this weekend?" I said "Your rivals, the Ravens". They all busted out laughing and told me that the Ravens aren't on the level of Cincy and Cleveland. Not even close. So it got me thinking. Nobody...
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    There are still a few reminders from the Vinny Era which need to go............

    When it comes to players, I 100% agree. It takes time to phase out the guys who are bad for the system. I do feel that they should work Haynesworth like a dog, "disease" or not. He took that check and didn't work for it. I also agree with the booth. full turnover is needed. Find a nice 2 man...
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    There are still a few reminders from the Vinny Era which need to go............

    I think we can all agree that for the most part, the Skins under Shanny and Allen have been much improved from the Vinny years. That doesn't mean we should have expected everything to go smoothly, or that everything is always going to be perfect. -They listened to the fans when we really...
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    Per John Keim twitter: Donnie Warren is Out

    business is business. regardless of what is true or not about Karl. The important thing is what he represented outside of the organization. Since he only represented what was WRONG about this franchise, I am not shocked that he either left on his own, or was nudged out. PR was not the strong...
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    Kelly defends Williams work ethic

    Nobody is going to be able to defend Williams work ethics now. He's drafted....he's here. Now he needs to work. If he doesn't. I'm sure we'll all hear about it.
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    Post-Draft needs via Veteran FA's

    I will start by saying I am happy with our draft. I am fine with every single pick they made. I also do believe they tried to move Haynesworth early and often. That being said, in this current NFL Climate, are a number of Free Agennts available out there. The Skins current need veteran depth...
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    nothing much going on- 7rd mocks +

    without a cap, I think a lot more rookies will make opening day rosters this year....on the cheap.
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    Will the Skins trade up to get Bradford?

    again, not a chance. I don't care how good his pro day was. We aren't giving up MORE to move up a few spots and pay an unproven rookie more than anybody else on the team.
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    I’m very disappointed in you all….

    Hopefully things pick up closer to the draft
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