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  1. Cowboys Vs. Redskins Predict The Score

    Even with all those so called "Injuries" the Cowboys have, it will still be a close game. Skins 24 Boys 20
  2. Lack of Penalties

    The Skins are more discipline this year, hence why we have fewer penalties. I have also seen players talk more about "Team" then I have in the past. We can thank the coaching staff for this. Shanahan runs a tight ship and it is showing.
  3. PFT: Daniel Snyder says he can now "sleep at night"

    The best thing Snyder has done since hiring Gibbs was firing Vinny Cerrato. Also hiring Allen and Shanahan and stepping back and let these 2 men run the team. Right there proves he has leaned from his past mistakes. The true cancer on our team was Cerrato. He had Snyder's ear and it seemed...
  4. Redskins Blog : Redskins Announce Training Camp Schedule

    I hear what you are saying, Jason. I would rather have TC back at Carlisle myself, but it don't matter where TC is, I will be there. I should be at TC on the 29th, 30th, 31st and the 1st of August. Yeah, I am a TC geek. :rotflmao: Huly and I usually put together a meet up after a Saturday...
  5. Show Yourselves!

    Yes I do very much. Thanks for taking it for me. That was a great day at Clyde's in Chinatown.
  6. So....Can I come back? And stay this time? :)

    Welcome home, Jason. I too need to be on here more then I have in the past, so y'all will be seeing a lot more of me for now on. I also feel the same way about ES. I have been there since just about the beginning and it is not the same anymore. I pretty much go there now just for the ES/RR...
  7. Show Yourselves!

    Here is a pic of me with my favorite Redskins player of all time.
  8. Great forum here

    I couldn't agree more with riggins44. Hey, that rimes. lol Welcome to the site, irricyday.
  9. It's about YOU

    That there is funny. :rotflmao: I like BGO just the way it is. It is not really about the layout of the site (Which I like), but more of the people who post here.
  10. RIP Perry Brooks

    RIP Brooks. I remember him. He was a solid player. Damn, he was only 5 years older then me. :frown2:
  11. 1st list of HOF Candidates released......

    I agree MikeSr619. It is a very strong class this year. If any of our guys were to make it this year, I think Clark, Grimm and Mitchell would be the ones most likely to get in, but doubtful.
  12. Predict the Final 53

    3 - QB: Campbell, Collins, Daniel 3 - RB: Portis, Cartwright, Mason 1 - FB: Sellers 3 - TE: Cooley, Davis, Yoder 6 - WR: Moss, Randle-El, Kelly, D. Thomas, Mitchell, Hackett 10 - OL: Samuels, Dockery, Rabach, R. Thomas, Heyer, Rhinehart, Bridges, E. Williams, M. Williams, W. Montgomery 2 - FS...
  13. Skins cut 5.....anybody surprised?

    Not too surprised by these cuts. Next cut down to 53 will have some shockers I am sure. I feel Betts will be one of them.
  14. Warpath Confidential: Colt?s Corner ? New England

    Colt certainly didn't help his chances of remaining our 3rd QB with his performance Friday against the Pats.
  15. It's been 10 years........

    I agree with most of what you said here, Sarge. Overall I will give Danny a D+ The reason I give Danny a D+ is his marketing and bringing back Joe Gibbs. He does knows how to make money. If it were not for those 2 reasons he would get an F, so to me Danny has been close to a total failure as...
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