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  1. Random WFT Thoughts

    I'm already writing that game off lol
  2. Random WFT Thoughts

    I hope we have ZERO games in primetime next year..... We always shit the bed in primetime
  3. Dallas Week

    **** dallass!!
  4. Random WFT Thoughts

    I am ready for us to finally beat the hell out of a team in primetime! **** dallass
  5. What's your favorite public place to watch Skins games (regardless of your geography)

    My basement bar. I refuse to go out and watch Redskins games, I get so pissed about people with no skin in the game talking shit to me. Especially douchebag dallass fans who don't even know where texas is on a ****ing map
  6. Redskins date with London in 2016 is confirmed. But there's good news.

    There is no way I am traveling overseas.....
  7. Redskins date with London in 2016 is confirmed. But there's good news.

    I don't like playing the Bengals over there cause it takes away a game I could have went to.....
  8. Random WFT Thoughts

    Coming into this game I was scared that we would not seize the chance to control our own destiny, and essentially end our season. I am so glad what I feared did not happen! Big win today, now we need to win 4 of the next 5 and I think we are in business. One thing I did not like was our 2nd...
  9. Official NASCAR Thread

    Yeah we are in it!
  10. Official NASCAR Thread

    Nascar got rid of all its redneck fans ;)
  11. Official NASCAR Thread

    he missed like 10 or 11 races and they made a special rule to let him in the chase. **** busch and **** nascar lol
  12. Official NASCAR Thread

    Nascar changed the rules this year to let Bush in the chase, that and along with their stupid ass playoff system, and having one race make the whole season, **** nascar. I haven't watched any of it this season and never intend to again.
  13. Random WFT Thoughts

    I think that 5 turnovers is pretty much handing the game to them. Our team rolled over like their spineless, gutless, piss poor excuse for a HC. One good offensive play was all we had, and one good special teams play. Look at all the penalties, that is lack of discipline. Zero fire in this...
  14. NFL Pickem 2015: Week 8 Results

    Damn, I guess the sun does shine on a dogs ass every once in a while.... ;)
  15. So We're Playing the Patriots ...

    To be honest if at the end of the game we are only down by 2 scores I will be impressed. Of course any given Sunday any team can win, but the odds are low....
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