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  1. Obama Urged to Seize Reins as Crises Pile Up

    Sarge, typically, I agree with about 1% of your politically oriented posts, but I'm with you on this one 100%. Since the healthcare debate, he has, for some reason chosen to take a backseat and let his staffers handle the message. Even if he's making policy behind the scenes, he appears...
  2. Travel Deals?

    If you liked Williamsburg, there are some options in town that are a little nicer, and the travel there/back is easy. We stay once a year at a Bed and Breakfast. The Bentley Manor Inn:
  3. Winter weather thread, 2010-11

    About 11 inches here in Salisbury. Spent the morning digging out.
  4. Winter weather thread, 2010-11

    12Z GFS moved toward the Euro. If those models come to a consensus in the three day range, we're probably looking at a major event. I hesitate to call for a HECS just yet, knowing how easy it is for these things to head out to sea. I'll check back in 24hrs.
  5. CSN Twitter: Hunter the Punter Released, Sam Paulescu signed Also interesting.
  6. CSN Twitter: Hunter the Punter Released, Sam Paulescu signed Props to Hunter for being a classy guy about the whole thing. Still think the long snapper should have been first. Never understood getting rid of Albright, he was almost flawless in how many...
  7. A Logical, Reasoned Criticism of Donovan McNabb

    I've been trying to avoid jumping on the "It's all Donovan's fault!" bandwagon. I don't believe that's even remotely the case given the protection he's had this year, and the lack of tools. Does he throw some crappy balls and make some poor reads? Sure; but that doesn't make him an awful...
  8. Winter weather thread, 2010-11

    Stuff with Marcus? I certainly don't follow the forums enough to know anything about any drama over there. I basically just check in now and then during or prior to major events. Wes (usedtobe) among others is one of the ones I try to pay attention to, he's writing for Capital Weather Gang...
  9. Winter weather thread, 2010-11

    Burgundy, are you a member over at easternuswx? If you can pick through all the guys praying for snow in their backyards, there is some really nice insight from pro meteorologists. Plus, the model graphics...
  10. Why Are We Not Blitzing?

    The front four were constantly pressuring Kolb without a blitz. Kolb isn't any good out of the pocket. He spent the whole night checking down. I don't see anything wrong with that scheme, for the first time in weeks.
  11. Redskins Insider: Redskins Cut RB Larry Johnson

    Obviously, but what was the agent talking about (WaPo has his comments)? A short term need for a special teams running back, huh?
  12. Redskins Insider: Redskins Cut RB Larry Johnson

    Can anyone make any sense of this? Who would be leaving special teams? Trade in the works?
  13. Hail! magazine Vol.1 Issue1.

    Really good stuff! Thanks to all involved, please keep it up!
  14. Om Field: Redskins vs Bills - 12 Quick Wishes

    I believe you forgot the all important "" :laugh:
  15. TRAINING CAMP 2010

    Superb, thank you sir!
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