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  1. U.S. army forced to issue an apology over 'trophy' photos

    War is hell. We need peace. And football.
  2. Quarterback and Rebuilding

    The downside of having a transformational player is that when he goes down, so does the team. I prefer a focused and unified unit- able to step up and carry on no matter what. I'm not sold on McNabb's ability to play the whole season. But, hey... HTTR!
  3. Verizon Fios

    I just saw a facebook post from someone who said FIOS customer service sucked. All technologies go through a "settling-in" process when then come out. Especially when extreme weather hits! Good luck and hope we get it where I live someday!
  4. Meanwhile in Bizarro World

    Bizarro World of the future!
  5. Final 53. Why Not Just Go With 2 Quarterbacks?

    Hmmm. I thought Colt was leading a pretty good march down the field, followed the gameplan, showcased the abilities of his teammates for everyone to see and got some points. But that's just me... and Sonny J. (gotta wait til Saturday to see the video). HTTR!
  6. Game Quotes - Zorn, Brennan, Campell, Hall, Belichick, Wilhite

    Boone- check the text. There are some Jason Campbell quotes thrown in with the Coach Zorn quotes starting with: On if he felt like he got into a groove tonight:
  7. Colt Brennan - Year Two

    Some people are experiential learners. I think Colt is one of those. Consistency will come with reps with the players he will be playing with come gametime. Colt has a lot of 6th sense and opens a communication channel as wide as the Mississippi for his guys to align with when a rhythm can be...
  8. Colt Brennan - Year Two

    Colt done good today. He's growing into the game and playing like a big boy with the big boys. The Redskins as a team played like big boys, I thought. Good Job! HTTR!
  9. Colt Brennan - Year Two

    From everything I know of Colt, he is not carried away by hype and in most cases, is not even aware of it. His focus is pretty simple and straightforward - "do my job". The press bubble is all around him but does not distract him- even the Jessica Simpson attention was deftly passed along to...
  10. Colt Brennan - Year Two

    Happy Birthday, Hawaii Colt Brennan is Hawaii's top Athlete in 50 years. The 2009 presidential inauguration dinner was an historic event, and the celebrated guest with Hawai'i ties did not...
  11. Prayers Needed Please

    A few years ago, June Jones was in a car accident that might have ended his life or left him a warm veggie for life. He had just started turning around the UH Warrior football team. The whole state of Hawaii prayed for Coach Jones and he experienced a miraculous recovery and went on to...
  12. Crucial Decision?

    I'll look at the game tonight- but I already have feelings based on what I heard on the audio game and what I've read. The only one I am nervous about is Coach Zorn. Players can play and they can be taught. They need rock-steady leadership from their coaches. They need to believe in what they...
  13. Preseason Game 1 Quick Hitters: First of all, calm the hell down

    Bad dress rehearsal - great opening night. At least that works in theatre sometimes. I'm watching the game tonight.
  14. Hip hip hooray for colt!!!!!!!!

  15. Prayers Needed Please

    God Bless! Prayers continue.
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