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  1. Gray leaves and talks about MOST of the DBs

    I noticed that omission too. Landry seems disinterested to me. And I'd imagine if Gray felt that Landry was at least TRYING hard, he would have found something nice to say about him. I think it's more than just playing out of position. I just don't think Landry gives a crap about football...
  2. Linebackers Coach Lou Spanos

    Spanos and Haslett worked together on the Steelers' defensive staff in the late 90s, until Haslett got the Saints' head coaching job. Some pretty nasty defenses those Steelers had.
  3. samuels

    This is probably vinnyphobia talking here, but even if Samuels does come back, they need to make sure they have solid backups at the position. Vinny always assumed that guys like Samuels and Randy Thomas would last 16 games, and then he would throw up his hands when they went down.
  4. What the retirement of Bugel really means

    And I think Bruce Allen said he hadn't been in contact with Shanahan or any other coaching candidates after he took the Skins job...but we discovered that Shanny basically selected Allen, and not the other way around. These guys say lots of things.
  5. What the retirement of Bugel really means

    Shanny said he wanted to keep him, but I think that was just something nice to say. I'm not sure that Bugel's style meshes with the running and blocking style that Shanahan prefers. Buges doesn't want to start learning and coaching a whole new scheme at age 70, I'm sure.
  6. Michael Lombari Joins the Snyder SlamFest

    I don't know whether Lombardi's take is accurate, but it's certainly crossed my mind. I have a very hard time believing that if Snyder said to Gibbs, "you can hire any football executives in the league you want to help select players," that Gibbs responded by saying, "let's just keep Vinny and...
  7. Zorn/Campbell inside the headset (VIDEO)

    Good call, you're probably right. I didn't even think about that.
  8. Zorn/Campbell inside the headset (VIDEO)

    That was enjoyable, thanks...although I didn't really like his reasoning for running the ball in the red zone. We were catching the ball just fine between the 20s. Besides, I'd prefer a dropped pass in the end zone than a run that gets stuffed, because at least I'd know we tried. :) It was...
  9. The thing Campbell can do to instantly improve

    I was goofing on Cutler and his 4 picks. But if you look at my comments about Campbell you'll see I'm not exactly high on him either.
  10. Our Man Moss

    This was my initial reaction too. I think it speaks to the lack of respect the Giants had for Kelly. We'll have to get Kelly more involved, and quickly, or else it's going to be tough sledding for Moss.
  11. The thing Campbell can do to instantly improve

    And Cutler is on pace for 64 picks! :)
  12. The thing Campbell can do to instantly improve

    I'm glad we didn't get Cutler (I'm not a fan), but I'm also quickly losing confidence in Campbell. If I had to call it right now, I think the best scenario would have been if we could have pulled off the deal to draft Sanchez. Of course, if we had the 2nd rounder we dealt for Jason Taylor, we...
  13. New Year, Same Results So Far

    I'm afraid so. We spend enough money on talent that we're not consistently bad, but we're incompetent enough from the top down that we're not consistently good. Just stuck somewhere in the middle.
  14. The thing Campbell can do to instantly improve

    Unfortunately I agree. There was so much happy talk in training camp about how JC had taken more control of the huddle, was getting in guys' faces when needed, etc. But on Sunday I didn't see progress-- I saw a regression, if anything. Everyone assumed that JC would look better simply because...
  15. Keep Yourselves Thirsty My Friends

    Baffling. Zorn demonstrated zero confidence in Campbell pretty much all afternoon. Thing is, you have to either show confidence in him or bench him. You can't play him and then hold him back. It's like putting your foot on the accelerater and the brake at the same time.
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