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  1. Bold Predictions!

    I predict: With the new additions on the defensive line and our other area of depth/strength at linebacker, we will be facing more 2nd and or 3rd and mediums to longs... Thus creating more stops and punt situations which will carry over to us winning the field position battle.(something that I...
  2. Mr. Irrelevant: How To Quit The Redskins Cold Turkey

    My second skins tattoo reads in small letters "wwjgd" most think it's religious but it stands for what "would joe Gibbs do"
  3. Mr. Irrelevant: How To Quit The Redskins Cold Turkey

    I have a redskins tattoo so I'm stuck.
  4. PFT: Gruden says the “clock’s ticking” on Griffin When it rains....
  5. Breaking Down the Game Within the Game

    We took Carlos Rogers with the ninth pick. Aaron Rodgers went 24th, then we took Jason Campbell with the 25th. After signing his rookie contract here with us I heard he held on to the pen too long.
  6. Breaking Down the Game Within the Game

    So I will open quickly with some easy grabs, and then ill go to sleep. IMO the Lex Luger of the NFL as far as having the total packages are no doubt the Packers and the Patriots. I think they get it. It has been said who knows how many times by who knows how many talking heads that its a...
  7. Breaking Down the Game Within the Game

    First off, I would like to say that I love what I see here at BGO. I am very happy that I happened to be looking for a Redskins chat group the day I was and found you guys on the tap-a-talk app. My life has since improved, so I thank you all. So, I've never been much of a chat forum chatter...
  8. Something Positive

    Santana moss... Wish those catches were made at fed ex though. Helu/morris combo... Hope they stick around and stay healthy. Best underused player in the NFL... DY. Tress way is the chuck norris of punting.(when a swat team comes to raid your home, they bring tress way to kick the door down)...
  9. PFT: Gruden says the “clock’s ticking” on Griffin

    I would like to officially announce that I like jay Gruden more than I like Robert. I've been a redskins fan as long as I've been capable of being one. I didn't trade those picks for Robert, so I'm not emotionally or financially tied to him. He had a historic and short run from approximately...
  10. Discussing the potential future benching og RG3
  11. Brian Mitchell tells it like it is.

    Bmitch said exactly what needed to be said, but I think fans are the only ones that will hear it. Win or lose, the players, coaches, and FO personnel will still get paid Friday, so I'm not sure that his points will be felt and impactful by those who can make a difference. Until the correct...
  12. Random Redskins Thoughts

    I love how Antonio Brown is returning punts in Pittsburg. Shows me that they want to win more then they want to save face.
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