Love NFL football. Not a long time poster of any message board, more of just a reader. Born in the DC area, so the skins were my team since the first game I remember watching. Raised by a coach for the most part. Played boys club and high school football(as well as baseball, basketball, hockey, took capoeira, some extreme sports. I have a wife and three kids(Juliana, London, and Isabella(hence my company name JLI Services Inc.)) I've lived all over from Detroit, Baltimore, Brooklyn, LA, Miami, Dominican Republic, and here in DC area(home). The last time I attended a redskins game was a loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati(Cooley had a fumble turnover and Moss had a 15 yarder for excessive celebrating for wiping his cleats with a Bengal towel. Zorn's first season I think). Best skins game attended was '91 redskins 16 oilers 13 in overtime at RFK. My favorite Redskins are Grimm, Manley, Mitchell, Monk, Mann, Taylor, and Moss(personalities go to Doc and Cooley). This site has a much less control freak vibe then the other one I used to read so I decided to join, so thanks for being cool and having me. HTTR

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