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  1. Daily Beast: The Racist Redskins

    the only thing that disgusts me in this horse and pony show is the people who fund the idiots who do the dance year in and year out, I so hope the people giving the money for this know what they are paying for. If these idiots are getting funds from charities who are out trying to do real good...
  2. Kaepernick and Harbaugh Hailed For Zone Read

    I think they are just appealing to our fan base, not talking about all of you but there is a massive public that loves to hate on the team. Given any reason, they are right there. I get the smug texts from people who are fans saying I told you so, and the media has to have a read on that...
  3. Fallout From Griffin's Injury

    gah you all are soft, and its probably why we cant have nice things. Its no suprise that the beat writers for the skins are such haters, we have a huge base of haters. We have a guy in Griffin that doesnt know quit, puts himself on the line for us and we treat him as a bafoon. We went from...
  4. It was easy to pull for the Redskins instead of Cowboys

    its like a jihadi self detonating on a plane carrying all of irans nuclear scientists. who can complain. all kidding aside I can see where hes comming from, I know people who could care less about the pro game and bleed their school. Good for him having allegiance to his school, and good for...
  5. Grossman?

    This is genius! I want to add we could put in place plays to have Morris hawk behind Grossman waiting for the fumble, pick it up on the run and goto the house. Who would expect that?! I am in the camp, if one exists, to let Cousins start the next two games and only use Griffin if we fall...
  6. Game Preview: Redskins vs. Vikings

    its always a grueling schedule for all teams, if they are accepting the challenge correctly. Never sleep on anyone.
  7. Like It Or Not Redskins Two Years Away

    I completely agree, with how bad alot of skins and cowgirl fans(will probably get a misogynist accusation after that one) like to say we are horrible remember we just barely lost to an undefeated team that has previously dominated some tough opponents. I dont feel so bad about this loss...
  8. Am I Seriously The Only One Not Impressed With Morris?

    I have to second that, I admire someone who can own up. Good show Ex!
  9. What is correct RG3 or RGIII

    rg3 for posting and texting, but in any other format I agree with the others RGIII

    is there any draft pick compensation for signing someone off another teams practice squad?
  11. Defibulators must be supplied on the sidelines, coachs will die

    These refs are absolutely horrible, they need to give teams 10 challenges a game. They can replace the the tv time outs.
  12. Josh Morgan

    Cundiff should thank Josh Morgan, had he not made that bone headed penalty he would have had to make an "in range" kick and if had missed that 47yarder this board would be calling for Cuniffs head instead of Morgans. Danny Smith should also thank morgan, alot of heat that should be on him...
  13. Redskins sign Billy Cundiff

    this has to be the reason
  14. Is the NFL Doomed?

    my fear is that the game devolves into something like "pro" wrestling like the WWE.
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