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    Breaking News Thread

    This is an unfortunate end to what was a great story. I have so much respect for what Alex overcame but the simple fact is that he needs to move to the next stage. If he were my son that is what I would advise with all of the compassion and understanding that I could muster.
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    Much better last night. Wilson provided a needed spark.
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    2021 Free Agency and Roster

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    How old are you?

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    Yep, very little fire at all.
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    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

    His time as a competitive professional golfer will almost unarguably have come to it’s end. So much more of this thing called life still on his horizon though. Luckily.
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    Alex Smith named Comeback Player of the Year

    I love, love, love what Alex has accomplished. The feel good story has now concluded though. The human in me was never even remotely comfortable watching him play. That said, the team rightly needs to act in the best interest of the ‘team’ now. He either needs to be an inexpensive...
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    The Bombshell.

    Daniel Snyder owns a forest of money trees (an NFL franchise). I doubt he would have any difficulty finding lending with that collateral. (I don’t not know if or what the leagues rules may be on leverage limits.)
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    The Bombshell.

    Well if it does happen I bet the coverage from WaPo would significantly improve. 🤣
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    The Bombshell.

    At least if Bezos buys the team all of the wokeness issues have already been dealt with. 😉
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    BGO on 'The Gutcheck' on 910 AM 'The Fan' Saturday

    I thought that you both represented this community very well! (Those technical difficulties need to be worked out though.)
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    Breaking News Thread

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    'WFT' for another season? WTF!!!

    On the list of things I am concerned with, the name of the team is deep down on the list. When the Redskins moniker was lost due to pussified social pressure the damage was done. I’d prefer they just stay with Football Team as I will stay with Redskins.
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    Thoughts to Marty Schottenheimer - Update

    Unless Wapo is now hiring middle-aged or older interns or rookies, they wouldn’t know that.
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