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  1. ESPN Playbook: RGIII Unfazed by Stardom, Hype

    thanks for posting... this was a nice read. Can't wait for the 1st preseason game vs Buffalo! :)
  2. Luck vs. RGIII?

    the kid is going to turn this franchise around.. we're about to entire football paradise.. :wings:
  3. Luck vs. RGIII?

    I already have RG3 as the Redskins QB... IMO its already a foregone conclusion.. And its nothing else any one else can tell me..
  4. NFC East Free Agency Primer

    Unfortunately i think Carriker is gone.. I don't think he's interested in giving the Org. a home town discount. Plus he will be back fighting for a starting spot vs J. Jenkins. He could become an immediate starter and make more money elsewhere.. Monty, i think we bring him in as a back up...
  5. Shanahan on franchise QB's

    That staking his reputation talk, was just for PC... He knew that both Rex a Beck were stop gaps for this season.. Secondly, the Redskin scouting department is highly regarded around the league, its just that Vinny wasn't smart enough to heed their advice..
  6. DC Examiner: Redskins notes, Aug. 1

    I think Golston, Wilson, and Doughty are all hard working character guys. Unfortunately, i think we've upgraged at all of thier positions, even from a depth perspectived. Its just time to move on.
  7. DCSportsBog: Phillip Daniels Criticizes Shanahan's Handling of Haynesworth

    I like PD like the next person, but wait one minute here... You mean to tell me that all of this was occuring in the meetings and none of the players had the balls to approach Fat Al? yeah, that's including PD! Seems to me that the Fat Al, the coaches, and the players all shoulder the blame. If...
  8. Chris Russell twitter: Malcolm Kelly to go on IR..

    Russellmania09 Malcolm will go on injured reserve #redskins skinscast Shanahan says kelly has a good work ethic, and that is why he is going to IR instead of being released
  9. Om Field: Preseason Football is a Love/Hate Relationship

    good write-up. Sums up exactly how i feel about preseason. :o:
  10. Hail! Magazine: It's Coming...

    Wow! I'm going to have to get my bookmark ready. :) -BTW, subscription DONE!
  11. TRAINING CAMP 2010

    feeble? come on man stop being modest. Good work!! I look forward to these write ups.
  12. BGO.C.D.: Happy Birthday BGO!

    you guys have a great site going. Looking forward to all that you have to offer....BTW, will anyone from the staff follow training camp this year?
  13. PFT: Report: Redskins interested in Vincent Jackson

    I like VJ, but bottom line, the asking price to aquire him - a possible (1st) or (two 2nds) plus a new contract with atleast $25m guaranteed, is just not worth it. Heck, I don't think there's a WR in the league worth that. The only one IMO, that I may consider would be Andre Johnson. But let me...
  14. S%^T hits the fan with Haynesworth

    we could only hope this is the case. Someone needs to hurry and offer Vinny a FO position ASAP.
  15. S%^T hits the fan with Haynesworth

    I agree, i think the best course of action is to sit him for the season. We've invested too much money to cut him outright and his trade value isn't all that high at this point.
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