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    • Om

      by Published on 10-08-16 06:26 PM  Number of Views: 170 

      The Redskins haven't won these games in a very long time. Every year it seems we come to one of these "opportunity games."

      The situation is always the same. The Skins get backed against a wall, like, for example, after starting 0-2 this year with a road trip to historic shop or horrors NY to play the Giants up next.

      Faced with almost certain playoff-potential death and the very real possibility of playing the majority of the 2016 season just trying to keep the ship from sinking, they rally and get an improbable win. They follow that up with an only slightly less critical game, against ...
      by Published on 09-25-14 12:58 PM  Number of Views: 161 

      Let's try to set a couple of things aside in this thread.

      Let's not concern ourselves with the reason Kirk Cousins, for the time being, is the Redskins starting QB. And let's try to avoid veering off into discussion of and/or comparison to the man KC was called upon to replace.

      Instead, let's use this space to discuss, debate, and parse in gory detail the actual play and developmental arc, from this point forward, of the man wearing the vertical infinity symbol.

      Maybe the best place to start is with the raw data. In 2014 it ain't bad.

      After two games:

      Record 1-1; ...
      by Published on 09-22-14 01:56 PM  Number of Views: 181 

      Keim nails it.

      Redskins resilient, but mistakes haunt them

      PHILADELPHIA -- The Washington Redskins did what they wanted, moving the ball up and down the field, scoring 34 points, connecting on big plays. They also stopped Philadelphia Eagles' running game, not to mention the Eagles' dangerous screen game.

      Just check out this stat: Darren Sproles and LeSean McCoy combined for 72 yards. Repeat: combined.

      And, yet, it wasn't enough. The Redskins don't necessarily invent ways to lose -- special teams blunders have cost them numerous games in the past. They just keep finding ways to rob themselves of chances to win.

      This isn't about burying the Redskins because they lost 37-34 on the road against a team many – read, everyone – picked ...
      by Published on 05-15-14 09:31 AM  Number of Views: 279 

      At the risk of it being interpreted as criticism of #12 ...

      Personally I need to see a lot more of Cousins before I'm convinced he is a legitimate starting NFL quarterback. The early impressions we got of him, at the very end of the Baltimore game in 2012, and then in his start at Cleveland, were great. No doubt. He was poised, effective, and delivered. BUT ... it was in very limited action, against defenses that had not prepared for his version of the 2012 Skins offense vs the RGIII offense, and on a team that at the time was 'feeling ...
      by Published on 05-01-14 10:01 PM  Number of Views: 307 

      It's been a while since I was able to really be part of the conversation around here, so I'm wondering what the general feeling is regarding the D heading into the draft, and ultimately into. 2014. Last time I checked, that side of the ball in DC was coming off four years of meh ... and I was among many calling for the head of Monsieur Haz.

      My feeling really hasn't changed. As many have written, and I have documented myself on several occasions, there is nothing--literally nothing--on the man's professional defensive coordinator resume ...
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