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      by Published on 08-24-19 10:02 AM  Number of Views: 88 

      Let's not mask concern for Jordan Reed's health. He may very well be going through his SEVENTH concussion since college. At some point you want to see guys walk away from the game under their own power. It may be time for him to do so if these symptoms linger and he's in the protocol for more than a few days.

      That said, and to be plainly business here the Redskins have one big lesson left to learn in regards to roster construction. We have been through the years of ...
      by Published on 04-15-18 11:48 AM  Number of Views: 422 

      The Redskins are better with full health. No revelations there. I agree.

      But this team healthy is still not a 13 win type of team. In order to advance/progress to where that type of 16 game outcome is possible we need to do more than bring guys back and tread water replacing one free agent loss for a corresponding gain.

      We need NET to add a number of value, 'above replacement' level performers on both sides of the ball.

      WR is still a question ...
      by Published on 03-17-18 01:27 PM  Number of Views: 424 

      Looking at the NFC East so far in free agency and trades, the Eagles and Redskins have been fairly busy while Dallas has been unusually quiet.

      But the team to look at and question what they are doing is the Giants. This is a team coming off a 3-13 season with a roster dotted with some aging veterans. And yet in free agency, the Giants seem to be doubling down on the ability for 37 year old qb Eli Manning and Co. to make a competitive comeback in 2018, which to me is ...
      by Published on 02-24-18 01:23 PM  Number of Views: 304 

      The Redskins are stuck in mediocre-land. That territory between 7-9 and 9-7 where clubs don't want to make any major shakeups but it seems as if the usual offseason adds and subtracts bring us back to that same range in terms of potential wins/losses.

      IMO there are two ways this team can break the paradigm. One is to blow it up and trade players for picks and rebuild with a new core, one that has perhaps more leaders on the field than the current team, where leaders ...
      by Published on 02-10-18 01:19 PM  Number of Views: 412 

      In terms of final finish at 7-9 this was a very disappointing year when looking back to July/August expectations.

      But with a quarterback who had one step out the door and 20 players on IR during the season, it wasn't a surprise as the season started to unfold.

      The one silver lining is the number of younger players the team has acquired in the draft that seem to have a future here as NFL performers.

      Jonathan Allen came in and lived up to his draft status ...
      by Published on 12-02-17 01:19 PM  Number of Views: 523 

      I love Brian Mitchell's post-game comments (TIRADE) about the outcome of the Dallas game and the Redskins demeanor as a team.

      Regarding special teams, he raised the obvious question of why a unit that has struggled on returns and coverage for years and has had some key FG misses on makeable tries in crunch time, continues to employ a coach in Ben Kotwica that has VERY LITTLE NFL experience, at least of the winning variety.

      He was what special teams coach in NY with ...
      by Published on 10-14-14 07:47 PM  Number of Views: 475 

      The Redskins are 1-5 and the coaches are under fire. Sounds like a typical Redskins October.

      There are injuries, some poor performances by veterans and questionable coaching calls.

      But at the heart of it is what has plagued this team for years - poor personnel decisions, especially in the draft.

      Here is a team that finished 3-13 in 2013 and yet can't get any of its top 3 draft picks onto the field to make contributions. Murphy plays special teams, great. ...
      by Published on 02-14-14 02:25 PM  Number of Views: 390 

      When the offseason began I assumed signing Orakpo was one of the necessary steps to improving in 2014.

      Looking at the franchise tag of almost $12M for the season has me now thinking we need to let him go into free agency.

      While Brian has put up solid numbers when healthy the fact is I would not count him as one of the five best rushers in the game.

      To take up that kind of cap space being bandied about you really have to be talking about an all-pro caliber ...
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