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      December 14, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      "Alright, out will be [Ryan] Anderson, hamstring; [Tony] Bergstrom, knee/ankle; [Colt] McCoy, fibula and [Jordan] Reed, ankle/foot. Questionable will be Josh Doctson, concussion; [Matt] Ioannidis, shin; [Ty] Nsekhe, knee; [Morgan] Moses, ankle; Nick Sundberg, lower back; Chris Thompson, illness and Montae Nicholson, illness."

      On where WR Josh Doctson stands in the concussion protocol:
      "Yeah, that's up to the independent doctors and the doctors, but he did some work today. He's on the upside."

      On if Doctson needs an additional level of clearance:
      "I think it’s he's practicing and tolerating it the way it is and then we'll evaluate him tonight and tomorrow morning. ...
      by Published on 11-30-18 06:24 PM  Number of Views: 106 

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      "All righty, did not participate were Quinton Dunbar, shin; and then limited, Zach Brown, knee; [Matt] Ioannidis, shin; [Morgan] Moses, ankle; [Adrian] Peterson, shoulder; [Tony] Bergstrom, knee; [Jamison] Crowder, ankle; [Jordan] Reed, back; and [Trey] Quinn, ankle."

      On if CB Quinton Dunbar will play Monday:
      "I haven’t ruled anybody out yet."

      On if WR Trey Quinn aggravated his ankle in the Cowboys game:
      "I think the Sunday-Thursday game took a little bit of a toll on him back to the short week. It got a little sore."

      On if Quinn looks good in and out of his cuts:
      "Limited, not quite ...
      by Published on 11-29-18 06:23 PM  Number of Views: 113 

      November 29, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      "Did not participate were [Quinton] Dunbar, shin; [Morgan] Moses, ankle; [Adrian] Peterson, shoulder, [Matt] Ioannidis, shin; Zach Brown, knee. Limited were [Jamison] Crowder, ankle; [Tony] Bergstrom, knee; [Jordan] Reed, back; [Trey] Quinn, ankle. Everybody else was full."

      On LB Zach Brown:
      "Yeah, it's a knee-shin area. He did a lot with the trainers today and looked pretty good, so I think it’s just going to be a day-to-day basis. Hopefully we'll see him more tomorrow. A lot of these guys… we’ve got to see some progression obviously in the next coming days, so hopefully we'll see that with Moses and Matt and Zach Brown."

      On if he is optimistic about WR Jamison Crowder and RB Chris Thompson playing:
      "I'm optimistic. I try to be optimistic about everybody but time will tell. Jamison did a lot more today, which was positive. He's still got some soreness a little bit but he's been working through it. Then Chris Thompson, I think when you watch him run, there is no issue. There is no issue. He looks fast. He looks quick, so I think he's ...
      by Published on 11-25-18 10:01 PM  Number of Views: 144 

      November 26, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On RB Chris Thompson:
      "He took some reps today which was obviously encouraging and then we'll see how he does on Wednesday. They have another day off tomorrow and then we'll see how he does Wednesday. It's just a matter of how sore he is and how he can protect it."

      On T Trent Williams:
      "He was cleared and he practiced today."

      On issues addressed during a bonus day:
      "Well, we did a nice long session of individual work, then we did some first-and-10, ran some plays, some situational stuff, third down, two-minute, a little bit of red zone, so we got some quality work in with Colt [McCoy] calling the plays and running our base ...
      by Published on 11-25-18 11:53 AM  Number of Views: 158 

      Updated Standings:

      Redskins - Current Record 6-5
      vs. Texans LOSS
      at Cowboys LOSS
      at Eagles
      vs. Giants
      at Jaguars
      at Titans
      vs. Eagles

      Eagles - Current Record 5-6
      at Saints LOSS
      vs. Giants WIN
      vs. Redskins
      at Cowboys
      at Rams
      vs. Texans
      at Redskins

      Cowboys - Current Record 6-5
      at Falcons WIN
      vs. Redskins WIN
      vs. Saints
      vs. Eagles
      at Colts
      vs. Bucs
      at Giants

      Obviously, the Redskins have made it infinitely tougher for themselves. To be fair, we should still have a 1 game lead. But as always, we seem to be destined to get the short end of ...
      by Published on 11-20-18 12:23 PM  Number of Views: 201 

      November 19, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On if the team has signed a new quarterback:
      "Yes, we're going to go with Mark Sanchez. We had a workout today, felt it looked pretty good, but based on his past experiences with Coach [Kevin] O'Connell and [Matt] Cavanaugh, he's won some playoff games, has got a lot of experience. I think this time of the year you need somebody that has taken some meaningful snaps and a lot of experience and Mark has done that."

      On how QB Alex Smith's surgery went:
      "Yeah it went well. Doctor [Robin] West did a great [job], she's a great doctor and the surgery went well. We anticipate him making a full recovery."

      On if it was just a clean break or had ligament damage:
      "I don’t think there was any ligament damage, no. It was a significant break of the bone."

      On the recovery ...
      by Published on 11-16-18 07:31 PM  Number of Views: 133 

      November 16, 2018

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      "Alright, our will be [Jamison] Crowder, ankle; [Chris] Thompson, rib; [Samaje] Perine, calf. Questionable will be [Quinton] Dunbar, shin; [Dustin] Hopkins, groin; [Montae] Nicholson, illness, and [Trent] Williams, thumb."

      On what has changed with T Trent Williams the last few days:
      "Well, he saw a doctor and the doctor felt like he was making really good progress and it's all dependent on the cast and whether or not he can have any kind of gripping with that cast on and how that thumb feels. He did some work today and I think we'll leave it up to the doctors and Trent for Sunday."

      On RB Samaje Perine ...
      by Published on 11-14-18 03:34 PM  Number of Views: 138 

      November 14, 2018

      QB Alex Smith

      On G Jonathan Cooper's performance last week:
      "I think the task that was in front of him to come in on a short week, get up to speed and then go out there and execute, I thought was a tall task. It's a good D-line, definitely the strength of their defense. I though he played great. I know he had a couple flags on him. The one on the screen [play] I thought was borderline, very questionable, but I thought he played great. I thought he went out… I think it'd be easy in that situation to be tentative and hold back. I thought he didn’t blink in the huddle around him. I thought he almost relished the challenge of it and I thought ...
      by Published on 11-14-18 12:38 PM  Number of Views: 134 

      Thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the remaining games the NFC East competitors have to navigate the rest of the way. For obvious reasons, not looking at the Giants.

      vs. Texans
      at Cowboys
      at Eagles
      vs. Giants
      at Jaguars
      at Titans
      vs. Eagles

      at Saints
      vs. Giants
      vs. Redskins
      at Cowboys
      at Rams
      vs. Texans
      at Redskins

      at Falcons
      vs. Redskins
      vs. Saints
      vs. Eagles
      at Colts
      vs. Bucs
      at Giants

      So that leaves the Redskins with 3 non-division games against the ...
      by Published on 11-13-18 06:34 PM  Number of Views: 146 

      November 13, 2018

      Houston Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien

      On comparing S DJ Swearinger Sr. and his progression from his time with Houston to this season with Washington:
      "I think that DJ did a really good job for us here. As you come into putting your team together on a year to year basis, you just try to make decisions in the best interest of the team. DJ made a lot of plays for us here. He's a very instinctive, tough, competitive player. He's obviously gone on to Arizona and now in Washington and I think he's a captain there and he's leading the league in interceptions, doing a great job, has got excellent ball skills, good tackler, tough, competitive ...

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