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      December 6, 2019

      Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan

      On injury updates for WR Paul Richardson Jr. and WR Trey Quinn:
      “They’re both out.”

      On whether he paid any attention to the Thursday Night Football game:
      “I didn’t even watch the game last night. I was just working on the Packer game honest to gosh. I saw the score, but I didn’t have a chance to watch one snap.”

      On S Deshazor Everett’s injury:
      “His shoulder kind of flared up, and he’ll be out for the game.”

      On how ready this team is to go to Green Bay:
      “We prepared the best we could today. Throughout the week, we’ve had good focus, we’ve had good practices. I think the energy level has been positive. Preparation, I think ...
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      On the advice from offensive line:
      “Biggest thing with that is trying to figure out the urgency. You have to play the game with some passion. I asked, ‘what do I need to do?’ I got some things that were said to me. I tried to apply it to the game. We made some changes and scored some points at the end.”

      On his home debut:
      “Life is hard. I’ve got to work harder.”

      On what changed after the offensive line’s advice:
      “After the conversation, it was just, ‘give me the ball and let me play.’ That’s about it.”

      On the second half rhythm:
      “Yeah, it was just, ‘give me the ball and let me play.’ Give me plays where I’m comfortable. I could throw the ball on timing and on rhythm, not having to worry about if I got one or not. First one is open and if not, the second, etc. So, that was just the biggest thing with that. We made some changes and we did better.”

      On emotion from both he ...
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      Opening Statement:
      “That’s certainly not the outcome we expected or desired, but you have to give a lot of credit to the Jets on their performance today. We were just not on top of our game in any way, shape or form. We got off to a rough start early in the first quarter and it kind of dovetails into the second quarter. By the half, we were down by three possessions and we dug ourselves a little hole. We had to dig out of it in the second half and we did the best we could but to no avail.”

      On what he told the team postgame:
      “I just let them know that there’s no give-up in myself. I’m a positive person and I believe in positivity. The only way I ...
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      November 6, 2019

      With apologies for seemingly coming out of left field with this ...

      We have decided to close up shop here at BGO, effective at the end of the 2019 regular season.

      We haven’t come to this decision suddenly, or easily, but once we agreed to make the call we wanted to let you all know well ahead of time. The bye week seemed as logical a time as any.

      It has been great ten-year run for us, and we’re more proud than we can possibly express to have attracted the great group of individuals who make up our membership. We have been genuinely humbled by that. Bottom line, the ...
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      Burner’s Burning Questions: Grades, Predictions, Evals, Questions, 2019 Season

      Greetings from BBQ to everyone here at BGO. We hope your week is going well. Hello to everyone on social media. We’d love to have you as a member here and become a part of the family.

      There is a new World Champion in DC! Unfortunately, it is not the Redskins. Congratulations to the Washington Nationals on their inspirational World Series title! Capturing baseball’s ...
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      October 31, 2019
      Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan

      Opening statement:
      First off, congratulations to the [Washington] Nat[ional]s for their championship. Really awesome to see. Really happy for those guys.

      QB Case Keenum update:
      “[QB] Case [Keenum] is still in the concussion protocol and [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] got the majority of the reps today. So, no change where we were yesterday. Same situation, scenario.”

      On why not announce Haskins as the starter:
      “Concussion protocols are day-to-day, so we’ll have to see what’s going on tomorrow morning and where [QB] Case [Keenum] is at and make a decision from there tomorrow and maybe Saturday. Make another decision based on where he’s at. We’re just gathering all the information we can right now.”

      On if Keenum can start without practices this week:
      “That’s ...
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      October 28, 2019
      Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan

      Opening Statement:
      “So today we started preparation on the Bills. We went out in helmets and spiders, and really the energy and the effort on the practice was good to see after a few days of break. A lot of good energy, enthusiasm, good head start preliminarily on the Buffalo Bills. We’re anxious to get going and get the players back in the building on Wednesday, but good start for today.”

      On injury updates for QB Case Keenum, RB Derrius Guice:
      “[QB] Case [Keenum] didn’t practice today and we’ll find out a little bit more this evening and tomorrow, and we’ll get a little bit more data as they do the baseline testing ...
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      October 17, 2019
      Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan

      Opening statement:
      “Today we just really focused on third down, really worked on a lot of different situations and scenarios within that situation. We need a lot of work at it, hopefully the work that we did today will translate to the game, but that’s certainly one of the areas that we’re working on to improve. Our team did a pretty good job working at it and like I said we gotta translate it into the game. That really was the main focus today in practice, just trying to get better in situational football, whether it was mixed downs or whether it was third down. That was really the gist of it. I thought that the team responded well and got a lot of good work.”

      On if QB Case Keenum returned to practice today:

      On if CB Josh Norman was unable to practice today:

      On if there is an update on RB Chris Thompson:
      “No, same – day-to-day.”

      On what he envisions FB Michael Burton’s role being:
      “We can utilize him in a 21 personnel package or a 22 personnel package and ...
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      Burner’s Burning Questions: Grades, Predictions, Evals, Questions, 2019 Season

      Greetings from BBQ to everyone here at BGO. We hope your week is going well. Hello to everyone on social media. We’d love to have you as a member here and become a part of the family.

      The Redskins are looking at a 2019 season that is nothing short of a disaster. The head coach has been fired. Others are barely hanging on and if the NFL draft was held today, the Burgundy ...
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      October 14, 2019
      Interim Head Coach Bill Callahan

      On if there is an injury update for RB Chris Thompson:
      “We’re still evaluating his status, so we’ll know a little bit more on Wednesday.”

      On if Thompson went for an MRI:
      “He did. I believe so, yes.”

      On the decision to put TE Jordan Reed on IR:
      “I think that we gave him as much time as possible to overcome his injury and at this juncture it’s going to be a little bit more prolonged. So, I think the decision to put him on IR was probably the smartest move we could make at this time for him.”

      On whether he anticipates Reed returning this season:
      “I don’t know, I really don’t know. I’m unsure. I think as we move along in time it will define ...

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