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  1. Om
    Hey all.

    So the only way to reserve golf bays is to pay up front for a Private Event. The least expensive option would require us to pony up $650 in advance--$50 each, for a minimum of 10 people, plus $150 that includes:

    - lifetime membership for each player
    - a TopGolf "ambassador" to take care of our every need (sadly, limited to legal and moral)
    - three hours of play
    - clubs
    - party room
    - one selection from their "amazing menu options" (which I'll post if we get that far)
    - all the soda, iced tea and water you can down

    The 10-person minimum doesn't mean we have to have 10 people, but it does mean that if we don't, everyone who does show gets to share in divvying up the $500.

    If there are enough of us seriously interested in digging deep and doing this, I'm on board.

    The alternative to all of that---and I'm thinking this is probably the smarter way to go---is to have someone show up earlier in the day to "get on the list," assuring we'll get a bay or two by the time everyone else shows later in the PM. Once we have a bay, we can hang there as long as we want, and they'll make sure that as soon as a bay next to ours opens, we get that one as well (limit 5 to a bay, apparently).

    I'm happy enough to volunteer to do that if we decide to go this route.

    Discuss ...
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  2. SilentThreat
    I'd say go for the early arrival, finger cross method. It's been a relatively tepid response to this, so those of us who do show up could be put between a rock and a hard place. I also know the more the merrier there. The more people you can pack into a bay, the better the experience because you don't burn through your rounds in a blink. If you stick 2 people in a bay, you run through your bucket at a record pace. I can't remember the limit of people per stall, but we used to let each person hit 3 or 4 at a time, so you can develop a rhythm.
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  3. Om
    5 people per bay.

    They're charging $7 per game, or you can catch a bit of a break getting one of their "game cards." Here's the link.

    Being I've never actually done this ... what's the thumbnail on what a "game" consists of?
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  4. Ax
    Hard for me to totally commit. I'm kinda always on call. But if I can be the 10th committed guy, then I just might commit, financially, even if a last minute 911 forces a no-show.

    And, to clarify, if we get the group thing, it would be $65 each, for the wife and myself = $130. With most food and alcoholic drinks, extra?
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  5. Boone
    I say we bail on this. There are only 5 guys who said they'd be up for it - and 2 are either iffy or can't get there till later. I would love to do it, but there's no point going to all this trouble for a couple folks or to spend a crapload of money when there's no interest. It's kind of disappointing to be honest that we can't get more folks from the site at these events.

    There is a pretty cool event that day/evening in DC though 'Das Bier Bash' (my daughter is going to this). Drink the District ? Das Bier Bash
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  6. SilentThreat
    I hate to admit but I think I have to agree with Boone... not the response that would make it worth it. We will be hanging at the Hotel bar the night before, I know for a fact that a few of us member will be there. If you all would like to meet up with us, it would be cool to see you guys. Maybe we start planting the seed for this type of thing at THIS years tailgate so it's not a short notice type deal?
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  7. Ax
    Agree with Boone. time to bail.
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