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Mobile Options to Access BGO

You have several options available to access BGO from a mobile/portable device (phone or tablet). Of course, vBulletin provides its own 'mobile theme'. If you search for BGObsession via your phone, the site will open in the default mobile browser. Although functional, this may not be your best option. We highly recommend 'Tapatalk'. Tapatalk provides a free, user friendly, more optimized phone browser. There is also an ad-free version of Tapatalk available for a small fee. You will find links to download Tapatalk on our BGO homepage. We also encourage you to visit your iTunes or Google Store and download our mobile Chat/IM app, 'BGO Messenger'. Free to our members, BGO Messenger allows you to join our very popular Redskins Game Day Chats from anywhere at any time! You can also contact members currently online on the site and have 1 on 1 discussions. If you have any problems accessing any of our mobile options - just contact us - we will be glad to assist you!

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