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I am not sure. Reid may have signed a bridge qb until Mahomes was truly ready. Reid could have...
There is always the secret weapon that is Braden Daniels. 😉
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The first complement folks pay McCarthy is that he is 'really smart'. I just go back to guys...
Pro game is still a different sport. The game is faster and time to throw is much reduced...
Sure, I have compiled a list of NFL quarterbacks who were picked in the top 10 picks in the...
Ironic considering Rivera's response to most of the other trends in the NFL was to ignore them...

Being a parent can be terrifying (test Beetlejuice thread)

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I got a call today that I hoped I would never get. My daughter and her boyfriend were in a serious accident. Thank God they are both ok, but the car is done.

They've been together since 2015 and they are both brilliant and don't do anything stupid, so I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Here's my problem with it all. I have lectured...

How do you like your steak?

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I love a good steak. I have tried about every manner of prepping and cooking steak, every cut, every cooking technique, every marinade, all of it. I don't know that I've ever had a 'bad steak' if I'm being honest. First of all, when it comes to cuts, I'd put a ribeye as my favorite. I trim most of the fat off them, but they typically have great...

Top 50 NFL Coaches of All Time List

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This list is out of control!

The first thing I noticed was Mike Ditka was on the list ahead of Bill Walsh...who they had at 39. Bill Walsh as the 39th best coach of all time? I know there are other sports to consider, but 39?

And when I saw Landry, and Shula ahead of Gibbs...who they had at...

Hogan's Heroes

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Boone submitted a new resource:

Hogan's Heroes - Skins grab former Browns QB

The Redskins made an unexpected play for a young QB yesterday, but not via the NFL draft as expected – instead, swapping 2018 6th round picks with the Cleveland...

Super Bowl Thread

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OK, I have been holding off on my prediction til closer to the game, so let's stir the pot!

Many times, great players carry teams to Championships. The Chiefs have a great one in Patrick Mahomes, and that kid is hard to stop. But he can be stopped, and was 4 times this year. It just takes a good defense with great coaching.

This year, I...

Offseason Update

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Burner’s Burning Questions: Free Agency, Mocks, Camps, OTAs, Roster Predictions, 2020

Greetings from BBQ to everyone here at BGO. We hope your week is a good one. Hello to everyone on social media. We’d love to have you as a member here and become part of the family. You are our honored guests, so sit back and enjoy.

Free Agency...

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'Be patient or I'll kill you' Boone
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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: 'Be patient or I'll kill you'
Patience you must have Padawan
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'All that hate's gonna burn you up kid' Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: 'All that hate's gonna burn you up kid'
Washington fans are angry. You won't like us when we're angry.
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Hold On Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: Hold On
Change is coming. Hold on.
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The Sound of Silence Boone
Behind Enemy Lines The Sound of Silence
The Commander's first draft pick ever was met with stunned silence...
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Hindsight is 50-50 Boone
A Burgundy and Gold Obsession: Hindsight is 50-50
Did Washington make a huge mistake in selecting Chase Young in the 2020 draft?
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Back Shoulder Fade - Identity? SilentThreat
Back Shoulder Fade Back Shoulder Fade - Identity?
Have we finally found it?
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