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Unanswered Prayers

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Earlier this week while reading about a six-year old boy who flew away in his father's homemade helium ship on Cnn.com, I was lucky to read at least one headline that didn't make me convinced the apocalypse was upon us - Garth Brooks was coming out of retirement.

Now, those that know me will attest to the fact that I'm not a big Garth fan. Don't listen to country at all, actually. I actually prefer electronic music if I was forced to pick a single genre, which is about as far away from country as you can get without venturing into the land of death metal.

My older brother did happen to be a pretty big fan of Garth, and being his sibling, I grew up listening to it whether I wanted to or not, and truth be told, I did enjoy some of his early work, particularly Ropin' The Wind and No Fences. The man can make a pretty catchy tune.

The reason I mention all this on a Redskins blog is because there was a song on No Fences that perfectly describes how I feel about the Redskins right now.

The song is called Unanswered Prayers, and tells the tale of a married man returning to his high school for a football game and seeing his old girlfriend who he had prayed to be with many years earlier. The moral of the song of that "some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers", as the man eventually grew up and married the true love of his life.

Meanwhile, in hell, the Redskins fan suffers on.

Losing to the Chiefs on Sunday was the nail in the coffin of a season that was barely a month old. The offensive line is beyond repair. Our quarterback was benched. The backup didn't save us. The coach has no answers. All this, after the easy part of our schedule.

Football God, help us, I prayed. Only cold silence followed.

But last night, while I watched the late game, it finally hit me.

Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

Can you imagine the mess we'd be in if Jay Cutler were a Redskin? Not to knock the kid's talent, he's an excellent quarterback for sure, but I don't think Montana in his prime could succeed with that line protecting him and with those plays being called. And even if that trade secures the most important position in all of sports, can you imagine being in our position now without our next two years 1st round picks? What coach would want to come here knowing that? What coach, or GM, could rebuild a team without any picks?

Then there's Mark Sanchez.

Many of us prayed that Washington would have the opportunity to draft Mark Sanchez (including our front office), and while he looked decent in the first two weeks, he has looked very sketchy now that his game film has made its way into the hands of defensive coordinators. 3 straight losses, 8 interceptions in the last 2 games, 5 of which came yesterday in an embarrassing defeat to the Bills. And folks, need I remind you that the New York Jets have one of the best offensive lines in football? Sanchez would have crashed and burned along with the rest of this team, probably been labeled a bust, and would have probably regressed under the 'qb developer' each second he was here. Most importantly, it would have also meant we didn't draft the one player who has shown more promise than any other.

I've come to grips with reality - the Redskins are officially in the rebuilding phase. I didn't think it would happen this year, but it has, and honestly, I'm glad it happened now the way it did.

Imagine if, with Sanchez or Cutler, we prod along the season as we normally do, winning and losing games by a point or two, and finish 8-8. Such a typical season would not give Snyder enough justification to fire Zorn and/or Cerrato.

I know, I've heard countless times that Vinny is here to stay, but maybe, just maybe, such a travesty of a season would be so embarrassing that it forces Snyder to actually considering hiring what us know nothing fans have been demanding for years - a GM with the power to restore this franchise back to the glory days that us faithful supporters of the B&G have never forgotten about.

This debacle of a season has been hard for us, I know, but considering that we have our next two 1st round draft picks, and considering that we drafted the right guy with that pick this year, and considering that we've played so bad it's forcing Snyder to act, I now understand that it could be a lot worse.

And with that, I thank you, Football God, for unanswered prayers.



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