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2013 - Week 4 @ Oakland Raiders

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The score was 14-0, and the sights and sounds of the game were ones to behold. It was a new era in Washington, and our long wait was finally over. After years of futility, we were finally where we wanted to be, and well on our way to a huge win over the hated Seahawks at home, and looking forward to our trip to the divisional round for the first time in what felt like an eternity. Then slowly, something changed. Eventually the mood, the thoughts, they all began to peel away. Then on 2nd and 22, the ball was laying down at the 5 yard line and our world went silent. At that moment, we all knew it was over.

After riding a seven game triumph into the postseason, Redskins fans were on a high that hadnt been felt in over a decade. Feelings of the glory days came rushing back to those of us old enough to remember them, and for our younger fans it was a feeling they had never quite felt. The Redskins were division champions once again, but our joy came with a footnote. The savior of our franchise would need major knee surgery, and there was no way to know when or if he would ever return. Could this one crazy ride be the only one wed be getting? Not if Robert Griffin III had anything to do with it.

We all watched the special. His recovery was remarkable. His determination? Unstoppable. We watched and we waited, and we knew that this year would be different from the rest. Boy were we right.
This is not the way any of us would have pictured this season beginning. In a picture perfect world, we would be 3-0 and completely dominating. Instead, here we ware limping into the Coliseum to face the hapless Raiders, hoping beyond hope that this will be the day that everything turns around.

Well hold on to your sacks gentlemen, this is where our season will take the most dramatic turn. How fitting that it will be in Oakland. With three games under his belt, the rust firmly shaken off, and the desire to prove he is bigger, better and stronger than he was..our gladiator will rise from the ashes and declare victory at the Coliseum and shut down all the negativity that has surrounded this team.

We will rise up, we will fight to the death, and we will not give up. We will firmly declare victory with a brutal assault that is worthy of a defining moment in the season. This is our day, this is where the tide begins to turn, and this is the beginning of the trail of bodies we will leave in our wake. Well be cut but wont bleed. Well bend, but we will not break. This is our time to make a statement, and the message will be delivered loud and clear. For the first of many times this season, we will be victorious.

Washington Redskins 41 Oakland Raiders 14


  1. Jimbo's Avatar
    Channeling your inner Churchill? Hoping you'll come back when all is said and done and declare, "This was their finest hour!"

    As for me, I'll stick to the classics. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

    Well done!
  2. Boone's Avatar
    Great job - I hope you're right. As I said last week, 'it' has to start somewhere. If we're going to have any relevance this year at all, we have to have a convincing win in Oakland.
  3. Cycleans's Avatar
    I see a convincing win maybe not as big as yours....
  4. Burgundy Burner's Avatar
    Well done - love it!
  5. Jugband McGillicuddy's Avatar
    Sounded more like a pregame speech than a preview, but I liked it. Nicely done. ANd here's to you being right on the money!


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