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2013 - Week 1 vs Philadelphia Eagles

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Blognosticator - China (Chief Blognosticator 2012)

Redskins vs. Eagles
September, 2013

So, here we stand on the brink of another season. The Redskins went undefeated in the preseason for the first time since Joe Theismann was QB back in 1985. So what has preseason told us? Not much. RGIII didnít play, and Alfred Morris only carried it 8 times for 28 yards. Kirk Cousins was injured and didnít play the last two games, so we were left with Grossman and Pat White, who for some strange reason are both still on the roster. The young DBs looked shaky, but there were some positive signs on the defensive line. However, Jarvis Jenkins is suspended for the first four games, as is linebacker Rob Jackson.

Nevertheless, year two of the RGIII era begins. What will happen? What can we expect? There are many variables and many unknowns. Will RGIIIís knee hold up? Will he progress or regress as a QB? Can Alfred Morris duplicate his feat of last year? Will defenses adjust to the read option and what counter-adjustments, if any, will the Redskins make? How well will the new young defensive backfield play and can the team live with their mistakes until they learn enough? What injuries will the team sustain, and can they overcome them? There are too many big questions and too many possibilities to cover in one Blognostication.

Looking shorter term, what of the Redskins first opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles? They have new coaches, new systems, trouble in the locker room, etc. Thereís too much going on there to predict that as well. Well, youíre thinking, if youíre not going to predict anything what the hell are you doing writing a Blognostication? Hold on, Iím just limiting my scope; Iím still going to predict the game. What do we know? Being the first game of the season there are no real stats or earlier games from this season to rely on to make a prediction. And, as the financiers are fond of saying, ďPast performance is not indicative of future results,Ē so we canít put too much weight on last season either. So we know what we donít know (not much help there), but what we really know is that itís still the Redskins-Eagles, divisional foes that hate each other. And how do these games usually go? Theyíre typically close affairs with one team only winning by about a field goal or so. So here it is:

Much to Redskins fansí dismay, the Eagles get off to a quick start and score on their opening drive, with Vick still showing his elusiveness which allows him to frustrate the defense by running for a first down to extend the drive on a key 3rd down. RGIII shows his rust and the Redskins donít do much on the first drive. Oregonís (whoops, I mean the Eaglesí) high speed offense seems poised to wear out the Redskins defense early. Fortunately, Vick also has his weaknesses so after moving the ball easily at first, the Eaglesí second drive stalls. The Redskins get a decent punt return, and, with the offense still sputtering, manage only a short drive, but are able to eek out a field goal on the strength of Cobra Kaiís leg. The Eagles return the favor and make it 10-3 Eagles. The Redskins grind out a long drive on the back of Alfred Morris and punch it in for a TD. All tied. A quick 3-and-out for the Eagles and the Redskins have it back. They get one more field goal before the half to lead 13-10. Oh by the way, at some point in the first half, probably in the first quarter, RGIII will take a hard hit, maybe even low. The whole of Redskins Nation will be holding its breath, and after what seems like an eternity, but in reality will only be a second, RGIII will pop up with the usual bounce and spring in his step and we will all exhale.

One of the disadvantages of the high-speed offense is that, if it doesnít work, your own defense wonít have a chance to rest. This begins to take a toll on the Eagles defense. With the rust shaken off and his confidence in full force after surviving a hard hit in the first half, RGIII will lead the Redskins to touchdowns on their first two drives of the second half to take a 27-10 lead. Unfortunately thatís all they will score. The Eagles begin to claw back into it, first with two field goals to make it 27-16. With about 4 minutes left to go the Eagles get a TD to make it 27-23, making it a nervous affair for the remainder of the game. Washington canít sustain a drive and punts it back to the Eagles with a little less than 2 minutes to go. The Eagles move the ball into Redskins territory, but canít get in the end zone. The Redskins hold on for a 27-23 victory.


  1. Jugband McGillicuddy's Avatar
    I'll take it. Nicely done, China.

    I especially liked the part where you told us we don't have any idea what's going to happen, then explained EXACTLY how the game will go.
  2. Jimbo's Avatar
    Oh hell, I was on pins and needles just reading the last paragraph. If the game goes anything like that I may need to keep a defibrillator handy. Then again, whenever we play an NFC East game, that seems to be the case. Well done!


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