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That Thin Line: Is the line getting thicker? Does it even exist?

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There was quite a bit controversy over Griffins knee injuries last year, controversy that produced a lot of questions. When will he be healthy and ready to play; Will he get his speed back; Whose fault is it; Whose responsibility is it to prevent this in the future; For the love of God, will someone teach this kid how to slide?

The questions were nonstop through OTAs. If you were new to the sport you would have been forgiven for thinking the Washington Redskins were a 1 player team that may have to sit out the season due to their player being hurt; no one else seemed to exist.

As training camp rolled on, or more importantly - as Robert began to practice and look healthy, the questions shifted back to their natural set. While the knee and its accompanying brace still get plenty of attention, most of it seems to be geared towards the future.

If you polled the redskins fans in June and asked: What is the number one improvement you want to see this year? You would probably get a vast majority saying some combination of: Teach Robert to slide/avoid contact/not go for that extra yard. Im just guessing, but I honestly think thats easier said than done. Theres a very thin line between making the most out of a play and putting yourself in harms way, especially for a quarterback that exploits his legs.

So the question is, going into game 1 of the preseason realizing we likely will not see him take a snap for another month, how is this going to impact Roberts game?

He might leave yards on the field with a new Live to Fight Another Day mentality. Maybe hell run slower to be in more control and able to survey the field better, consequently costing him a running lane or the ability to turn a corner. Its entirely possible hell force passes he otherwise wouldnt. In short: We may not see big, long, exciting runs like the one against Minnesota last year and there is a good chance we will lose some games over the next few years because of it.

Robert is, by all accounts, a very competitive person. Maybe Roberts opinion of where that line is different from the rest of us and it wont change his game; the line might not even exist for him. Our opinions going into a week 17 game that impacts the playoffs may not depend on how many yards he left on the field sliding, it may depend on how many big shots he took getting those extra yards and whether or not hes nursing any serious injuries. Honestly, it could depend on how good Kirk Cousins is

My crystal ball does not want to work today, it keeps saying Please Try Again Later. So Im forced to wait it out like everyone else. Sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if I'm going to be applauding a well-timed slide, releasing an understanding sigh at yards left on the field, or holding my breath hoping our star quarterback is able to get up after the play.

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