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2012 - Week 15 @ Cleveland Browns

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Blognosticator - Henry

Ok, Iíve known Iíd be doing the Cleveland game for a couple months now. I didnít give it much thought early on. I saw this as a pretty low-pressure gig. Cleveland was going to be one of the four or five games weíd win this year, and by the time we actually played the game no one would really care what I wrote. Weíd be a crappy team playing a crappy team at the end of the season. Ho hum.

But a funny thing happened on the way to December. The Redskins became relevant. Weíve won four straight. We pasted the Eagles so badly I almost felt bad for them (almost.) We marched into Dallas on Thanksgiving and handed the Cowboys their only loss since week 9. We beat the Giants during their ĎWait, we actually have to start playing now?í stretch, right after they demolished the Packers and right before they demolished the Saints. We beat the Ravens, handing them their first loss-following-a-loss in three years. Weíre not just on a roll. This isnít just some winning streak. Weíre in uncharted territory here. We keep winning games that historically we just donít win. Like, ever.

Again, this should be an easy gig, right? After the Murderers Row we just went through, Cleveland should be little more than a speed bump for us at this point.

Except for one small detail: Our quarterback, our rookie phenom, the catalyst for all this unprecedented amazingness Ö well, he might not play. As of this moment we donít know, and I now have to explain why I think we are going to win or lose this game.

Let me get the easy part out of the way right now. If Griffin plays (and by mean Ďplaysí I mean plays at or close to full speed) we win this game. I like the Browns. They play hard and make most teams work for it. Theyíve played the NFC tough this year. They lost to the Eagles by one point, and this was before Philly had fallen apart. They jumped up 17-7 on the Giants before New York started paying attention. The Cowboys needed overtime to beat them. They have won three straight and are tough at home. They arenít going to roll over on us. That said, with Griffin at the helm we win this game by two scores.

But what if he doesnít play?

This is where I break stuff down. I mention the Browns have legitimate weapons in Richardson and Josh Gordon, that Brandon Wheedon has put together a solid rookie season which has gone unnoticed simply because of who he was drafted with. Iíd note the Redskins will probably still give up yards through the air and that Morris will need to have a banner day to keep the pressure off Cousins. That Trent Williams is still limping and our offensive line is going to be a problem for a quarterback who is less mobile than the Most Mobile Quarterback in the History of the NFL. There are a lot of things I could talk about, but Ö Iím going to do something else. Iím going to put it out there Ö something I havenít done in a couple years now. Iím going with my gut. I think weíre going to win this one. I have no logical reason for suggesting we can win with a rookie QB starting his first game as a pro on the road against a team riding a three game winning streak. Itís just something about this Redskin team is different. Almost as if Griffin turned the crank on itís back and now it can go even if heís not playing. I think with Cousins starting, this is a trap game for the Browns. I think weíre going to win it. In fact, Iím almost looking forward to it.

For years Iíve been on this teamís case. Iíve called out the flaws in the coach, the owner, the players, the owner and personnel people. Iíve pulled my hair out and expected the worst at every turn.

But a funny thing happened on the way to December.

Iím calling it. So help me, Iím calling it Redskins. I donít care whoís playing. This team will not accept losing. We win this game.

Hail to the Redskins, and may the football gods have mercy on my soul.


  1. Om's Avatar
    Can I get a AMEN?
  2. Lovethebeer's Avatar
  3. Burgundy Burner's Avatar
    Amen and pass the ammuntion. Or pass the football - after running it a bunch of times.


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