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2012 - Week 14 vs Baltimore Ravens

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Iím here to talk to you today about breeding. No, not THAT kind of breeding. Iím talking about the kind of breeding we havenít seen around these parts in a long time. The old-fashioned, Bible ďbegettiníĒ type of breeding. Thatís right brothers and sisters, Iím talking about WINNING. You remember winning, right? No, not THAT type of winning . I mean the winning we were once used to, the ďwinning begets winningĒ of George Allen, and Joe Gibbs, and ďFour and Oh or we donít goĒ.

Our beloved boys in B&G have just completed the hallowed ďDivisional TrifectaĒ, beating each NFC East foe in a three week span. I couldnít tell you the last time the Skins accomplished that feat, although Iím guessing the St. Louis Cardinals were still in our division at the time.

Just how big was that win over those "mother******* Giants" on Monday Night? I was prepared to write about my hatred of Baltimore and how it was going to be next to impossible to beat the Ravens, a team that just doesnít lose two games in a row and hasnít done so since weeks 4 Ė 6 of the 2009 season.

I was going to talk about how we wouldnít be able to run against the Ravens because that defense is almost a mirror image of the Pittsburgh Steelers when it comes to stopping the run and you know how the Steelers game turned out.

I was going to talk about how we always seem to turn the ball over against the Ravens and how Ed Reed or somebody else on defense tends to make a play and score a defensive TD against us, or how we werenít going to be able to stop Ray Rice because, well, nobody really stops Ray Rice.

But that was before ďThe BreedingĒ. The breeding of winning. And winning breeds winning.

If breeding isnít enough to get you excited, how about these stats: The Ravens "vaunted" defense is currently ranked 25th and is giving up a whopping 372.3 YPG, including 125.8 rushing, while the Skins went into the Monday Night game averaging 163.5 rushing yards and put up over 200 on the Giants. Their offense is currently ranked 19th while the Skins are ranked 7th. Despite their reputation, AND their record, this Ravens defense is just not that scary outside of Baltimore.

Iím well aware that the Ravens have a lot of weapons on offense and all QB Joe Flacco needs to do is get the ball into their hands. But Iím also aware that the four games theyíve won on the road, three were by a FG. One was in OT against San Diego and one was a 9-6 victory over Da Chiefs. Yeah, the third was against the Steelers IN Pittsburgh but they're division opponants - where all bets go out the window. Their other road win was a 10 point victory over Cleveland after trailing in the 4th quarter against rookie QB Brandon Weedon. Our rookie QB is just a little bit better and he doesnít turn the ball over as often.

For those of you worried about a letdown, donít be. One-legged London Fletcher wonít allow it. The newly anointed Captain, Robert Griffin III, wonít allow it. Alfred ďThe BeastĒ Morris wonít allow it.

As RG3 said during his post-game ESPN interview, ďWe know that our backs are against the wall. And even though we won tonight, our backs are still against the wallĒ. Does that sound like a guy and a team who are going to let down? Not a chance.

Iím not saying this game wonít be an old fashioned Donnybrook, because Iím fairly certain it will be, but I also think it will be another ďplayoff atmosphereĒ game. FedEx Field was absolutely ROCKING Monday night and I expect it to be rocking against the Ravens as well. Playing at home didnít seem to be much of an advantage when we were 3-6 but now that weíre eyeing the playoffs, and the entire nation is eyeing RG3, everyone wants a piece of this newfound pie. Playing at home is a HUGE advantage this week. Sure, a few of those Baltimorons will find their way in. They always do but this time playing in FedEx Field will not even remotely resemble a home game for the Ravens and we all know how well Joe Flacco performs on the road. It wonít matter that itís only 50 miles away, or that Joe Flacco is no Eli Manning.

Prediction: MORE BREEDING. Redskins 27, Ravens 24.



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