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The Hydraulic Pump

Training Camp (Defense)

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The temperature was 70 degrees and the weather was drizzly and the grounds were soaked but for an August day in the Summer in the DMV the alternative would be 90 degrees. I will take the rain and make the best of my time.

The Defense for the Redskins will be a force in 2009 from the Defenive line which appears to be vastly improved with the additions of Haynseworth and the return of Phillip Daniels what was deemed a weakness last season will perform a complete 180 from last season. The line shouldn't have a problem getting pressure and getting sacks on the QB. With this pressure it will allow the LB's to manuveur without dealing with a Offensive lineman which means more tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Also, the Corners and Safeties would be able to jump routes because with the increase of pressure on the edges and center of the line the opposing QB will have to get rid of the ball in a hurry. This defense has the makings of being a special group. As a fan of the team I hope that this will be our season. I just got my new upgraded season tickets and I look forward to rooting them on to what I hope is a Super Bowl season.



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