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2012 - Week 5 v Atlanta Falcons

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The first quarter of the season is in the rearview, and there are many tough tests still to come. We shocked the world against the Saints, but now that doesn't look like the accomplishment it felt like at the time. We've been battle tested on the road, and have the scars for our fighting. What have we proven? Nothing so far, but were just warming up.

We've fought hard in the red zone. Were averaging point totals we havent seen in years. We have a rookie quarterback that for once is living up to all the hype that has been heaped upon him. The confidence oozes out of Robert Griffin III and he relishes in the bright lights of the big stage.

Confidence was once an afterthought in the nations capital. Who would have thought it would be the young guys bringing it out? That drive to never give up and never quit fighting hasn't been this visible with the Redskins since my childhood. For the first time in far too long, I dont look at the schedule and worry about our opponent. Instead, I wonder how badly we will beat them.

We dont have the greatest players at many positions. We dont have the best coaches. Yet we still find a way to get it done and make it work, and exploit the skill set of nearly every player on this team. As a unit, were improving. We dont always get it right, but were never out of it, and thats something I've been looking forward to for a long time.

On offense, we have a remarkable young man in Robert Griffin III. He seems to have the keen ability to lead us into and out of every situation imaginable. Theres excitement in D.C., and it looks like it will be here for a very long time.

On defense, we have taken some tough blows, no doubt about it. But this is where the great teams are separated from the rest. We need to show that fight, and show that determination to stay in this, and never give up.

The Atlanta Falcons with their perfect record are coming into our house, with the mentality that were pushovers. By the end of the night, theyll be wishing they had knocked on someone elses door. Were ready to take it to them and set the tone for the remainder of the season. This is our house, and this is our time to shine.

There will be heavy doses of running all day long. We will break them down until they are begging for a breath of air, then we will run it some more. Robert Griffin III will be all over the place through the air and on foot like a military assault. It wont be easy, but it will be beautiful. Alfred Morris will have a breakout game that could have even his biggest doubters singing his praises. We will do what Cam Newton couldn't, and we will send these guys home broken and abused, with nothing but nightmares for their troubles. Nobody is perfect, and their time has come.

We will not fold, we will not falter. Its time to step up and deliver the knockout blow. Its our time to shine, and we wont be sitting in the back seat anymore. Lets take the reins, and stand up and fight to take whats ours. Lets show the world who we really are, and let everybody know that we wont lay down and go quietly into the night.

Redskins 34
Falcons 23


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