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Burner's Burning Questions

Burnerís Burning Questions Ė Week 10

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This is a strange week. The archrival is coming to town and no one really seems to be excited about it. Letís get to the questions for this week.

1. It looks like the offensive line is going to be another work in progress this week. What can we expect?

Answer: A MASH Unit will take up residence just outside of the stadium on Sunday. Anyway, donít be too surprised to see this line struggling mightily for the remainder of the season.

2. Is there a chance that Dan Snyder is getting impatient?

Answer: No. He likes Coach Shanahan and knows that this rebuilding process is going to take time. Perhaps it is time to admit that Snyder finally ďgets itĒ as an owner.

3. The possibility of gaining the number two pick in the NFL draft exists? Should we be willingly cheering for losses?

Answer: We should always support our team in all circumstances. ďSupportingĒ them may have a decidedly different definition than other seasons, but we can be hopeful for the future.

4. Leonard Hankerson was starting to make an impact. How will this season ending injury affect his play in the future?

Answer: It doesnít help him, but he can come back and be better during his ďsophomoreĒ season. More time can be spent with coaches, game film, and perfecting the offensive schemes. Hankerson will have most of the offseason to prepare and he should be a force in 2012.

5. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone Ė see you again next Friday.
Hail to the Redskins!



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