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2011 - Week 11 v Cowboys

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I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

As much as Iíve tried to put Sundayís game against the Dolphins in the rear view mirror as quickly as possible, Iím finding it very difficult to do since, as we all know, objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Though we are clearly moving forward and can now look towards the game against the Cowboys this weekend, our last game DOES appear closer than we want it to. Closer to who we have been, closer to who really are, and closer to what we may yet become.

Weíre now over halfway thru the season and after a good - no, TERRIFIC start Ė weíve taken a decided turn downward. The word spiral comes to mind. There are boatloads of reasons (excuses) for thisÖÖ.any one of them could really apply. Injuries, play-calling, the quarterback position, youth and inexperienceÖ.pick your poison.

All along Iíve been behind our defenseÖ.presenting the argument that with an offense as inept as ours we really canít fault our defense for giving up scores when theyíve been on the field for two thirds of each quarterÖ..or better yet, defending a short field. Our offense, with Rex Grossman (whoís really not all that sexy) at the helm, reminds me of a hamster on a wheel Ė spinning madly between the 30ís but not really going anywhere else. With Beck at the proverbial wheel, it reminds of the time I tried driving my old Honda up and down San Franciscoís hills without a clutch. There was no up. Just down. Backwards, forwards, whateverÖÖit was just plain DOWN. Letís face it, folksÖwhat weíve been watching the last five weeks is just not pretty.

Having said all that, I honestly still believe that weíre on the right path. I suppose it just plain takes more than one or two seasons to right so many years of wrongs. Sure, I get just as frustrated as the next guy watching the Bills, the LionsÖ..hell, even the Bengals turn it around in only a year. I guess weíre just not them.

A good offensive team can hide a lot of defensive ills (just ask the Colts)Ö..but, compared to many, our defensive ills are manageable. An upper level quarterback and solid offensive line would go a long way in curing whatever offensive ills we possess. Looking closely, Iím not down on our young receivers at all. The bottom line is that we need to put in there a quarterback that can get make all the throws, play intelligently and just put the damn ball where the receivers are in a position to make an athletic play on it and do something after the catch. We find a quarterback capable of doing that and it would beÖ.wellÖ..the bomb. Pun intended. Sadly, we may actually find ourselves in a good position to do that in the next draft. This time, I hope we donít hesitate to pull that trigger. The Andy Daltons and Christian Ponders of the world really do give you that leg up on the competition. Identify your playmakers and then give them the rock any way you possibly can. Donít futz around with the secondary folks. You have Andre Johnson or Drew Brees or Calvin Johnson or Frank GoreÖÖyou feed it to them until they puke.

In truth, I only count one real off seasonís worth of new talent to date. Year one of the Shananahan (yup, did that on purpose) regime doesnít count. That was a prototypical ďwe think weíre only a piece or two awayĒ failure. Looking back on our last draft and a few prior, I actually like many of the new playersÖ..although I wouldnít dare label some of them elite as they may have originally been touted to be. Some, like Ryan Kerrigan and even Fred Davis, are living up to their promiseÖÖothers, like Trent Williams, appear to be falling short. Still, weíre finally on the younger side of decrepit for a change, and although many of the people we have in place now arenít star players, they will certainly provide the depth at many positions that we so desperately need going forward. I, for one, am happy to give Bruce Allen and crew another year (at least) to fill in some of the obvious holes with the star or elite players we need so badly to take us to the next level. To be honest, Iím not even too upset to see Santana Moss and Chris Cooley go down. I like them both very much but we so clearly need to get the young legs in and give ourselves the opportunity to get the hamster off the wheel.

And nowÖ..itís Dallas week. Weíre at home and the Cowboys are coming in for their yearly visit. I hopeÖ..I pray that we donít allow it to be a happy visit for them. However, DeMarco Murray, after a four game explosion, is now the starterÖand the team as a whole is on the upswing after a thorough dismantling of a Buffalo squad that we simply couldnít keep up with a couple weeks ago. Somehow, we manage to keep teams just close enough to make us crazyÖ.and I donít see that changing this week with Danny WhiteÖ.er, Tony Romo running things. Heís gonna throw it around and I guess weíll see what we see. Jason Witten will get hisÖÖ.the key for us will be if we can get ours. Pressure on Romo is what we must have to give ourselves a fighting chance. Turnovers, either coming from sacks or INTís will be critical to the game. Didnít seem to help against the Dolphins, but giving our offense a short to field to work with is, in theory, better than not. Iíve read books and articles that say this is soÖÖthough I have yet to see it in practice.

I really donít want to go on and on about the Cowboys and tell you what they can or canít do. And I simply donít have time to dig up stats to support any argument I may make here. The truth is, I just hate them so much. Iíve watched every game between the Redskins and the Cowboys since at least 1970 and there isnít any other team I love to hate more. I hated the flex defense and I hate whatever defense Rob Ryab decides to throw at us this Sunday. I hated the way their offensive line used to do that all-in-sync shift just before the snapÖ.and I hate everything about Dez Bryant. From the name Dez, to his me-before-team attitude. I mean, itís just such a natural rivalry. Bears and VikingsÖ..Steelers and RavensÖ..good, yes. But címonÖ.Cowboys and Indians??? Hard to beat. Sure, I know it doesnít hold the same level of popularity around the NFL today as it did 25 years ago, but for me it does. Admittedly, there have been Cowboys Iíve respected over the yearsÖÖbut that doesnít mean I didnít hate them just as much as their teammates. Roger Staubach comes to mind. Maybe Tom Landry. UmmmÖÖ..thatís it, I think. Oh, maybe Calvin HillÖ..but thatís only cause he ended up on our side. Oh wait, I like Stephen Bowen, tooÖ.but the juryís still out on Tashard Choice. Canít address that one until he hits the field, I suppose. For now, I hate him.

So, there you have it. Iíve no idea what weíll see this weekendÖ..probably more of the same. Iím REALLY hoping to see improvement and would like nothing better than a win against our hated rival. Iíll continue to hope, each week, that this is the week we turn it all aroundÖÖand maybe one of these days Iíll actually get it right.

I suppose this has been a bit of a downer readÖ...but itís a bit of a downer week. Still, as Iíve always reminded myself, these are the times that make the best of times the best of times. I have to hold onto that. It gets me through.

Unlike some, Iíll watch every game, every year for the rest of my life and Iíll love every minute of it, win or lose. The Redskins are mine and no matter who happens to be calling the shots on any given day Iíll support my team.

But Iíll make you a dealÖÖIíll share them with you.

Happy to.

Truth is, I think they need us as much as we need them these days.

Keep the faithÖÖ


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