A Burgundy and Gold Obsession
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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession

Everlasting Love

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Words fail.

The enemy of creativity is boredom.

And friends, these Washington Redskins are B-O-R-I-N-G.

I love to write. And theres nothing I love to write more about than the things I love. And God help me, how I do love the Burgundy and Gold. But right now, me and her, were on the outs. Because Ive come to realize something. Shes nothing but a bitch who takes, takes, takes. I wouldve broken up with her long ago, except for one thing.

Whod take care of her? Whod spend long weekends waiting for her, thinking about her, imagining the next time theyd be with her? Who, but me? Sure shes no peach. She does nothing but promise. Ill changejust give me a chanceI know you love medont give up on me after all these years. And I wont give up on her. I wish I could, but I cant.

Dont get me wrong I have no delusions. I know the love I feel may never really be returned. The girl I fell in love with so many years ago, young, beautiful, exciting, hell inspiring she may be gone forever. Shes that shell you find unexpectedly washed up on a beach at sunrise, perfect and untouched. You hold her expectantly to your ear, longing to hear that refrain. Angels. The voice of God. The roar of the crowd. Something. But all you get is the cold, echoing brash whistle of a November morning.

Unrequited love. Its beautiful and noble in sonnet and ballad. But in real-life, it just feels lonely.

Some might mock the analogy. Laugh away. But when youre done, stop, think for moment, and tell me how much time youve spent over the past year pining for and agonizing over this team. Ill take comfort knowing Im not alone.

So whats a poor boy to do? Ive written apocalyptically about this team before. Ive written about waking up face down in the alley, a drunk at rock bottom, choking on the bile of my Redskins addiction. Ive written about walking away from the warm fold of NFL fandom altogether and finding something indubitably more productive to do with my time. And yet Im here. Why? Theres only one answer.


Thats the only explanation.

November is made for long, thoughtful end-of-the-day walks. I oblige. But the sun, and hope for the Redskins, sets painfully early in the Fall. Eyes water involuntarily. We squint against the cold heartlessly whipping wind. As the sun creeps towards the horizon, gray gives in to purple and black, and resignation sets in. The warmth of the sun will have to wait. Theres nothing to do but head home, and hope for better days to come.

Someday, my team will rise. Someday, cursed owner or not, the Redskins time will come again. I dont know if I believe. But I have to believe. Shes my girl afterall.

And she always will be.

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