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2011 - Week 8 @ Buffalo Bills (Toronto)

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Blognosticator - Hog Fever

Week 7: Redskins @ Bills

So week 8 of the NFL season finds our heroes shuffling off to.......Toronto to play the Bills. Because when you think NFL, you think Toronto. Well, you might. I think of the rooftop patio at Wayne Gretzky's bar, wings and too much Canadian beer. Ahhhhh Toronto. Focus Hog, focus.

Here's a fun fact; Former Redskin great Joe Theismann started his pro football career in Toronto playing for the Argonauts of the CFL. Coincidence? I think not. No, this is a sign. I hear you saying to yourself Hog, what does this sign mean? You MUST tell us. In time my friends, read on.

Lets talk about the Buffalo Bills. Im not going to waste the readers precious time with too many details here. We need to stop the run, we need to pressure the QB, and we need to establish the run, blah blah blah. How many times have we heard this? It almost makes the game sound simple. Thats just what the man would want you to believe. Dont fall for it.

The Saints and Packers dont bother establishing the run, and they do just fine. In fact it won them both Super Bowls. Explain that running man. I can hear you now in that whiny voice I hate (you know the one) But Hog, those teams have premier QBs. We dont have one of those. SILENCE, before I call down a lightning bolt from mighty Zeus to strike you where you stand.

We KNOW our QB is limited (and has been for years in DC), thats why we find ourselves repeating the establish the run clich week after week regardless of who is behind center. Its all we have. I think we have it backwards though. Truth is we need to be able to throw the ball effectively to win games consistently.

I'd love to think that we had the type of team that we could say to a defense that we were going to run at them all day long and make them eat it, but we aren't there folks. Not by a long shot. So what's left? Beck, that's who.

To the facts: The defense we lean on so heavily will likely be short their leader and most consistent player at ILB or at least one that isn't near 100% and we might be down a S as well (again). Our offensive line is a mess with two starters out, our starting TE, RB and top WR will be out too. Sounds kinda grim when I put it like that. So we're going to have to get very lucky or Mr. Beck is going to have to win a game for us. Who else is left?

I think were all rooting for Beck, and I appreciate his attitude, but I dont see anything special about the guy, yet. This is his time to shine. Make me a believer John because I'm not there yet. If the Bills don't respect the pass we have no chance. We'll get 8 in the box all day and even a suspect defense like the Bills will put the clamps on us. Pass to set up the run.

So what's going to get it done? How does 230 yards, a TD and no INTs from Beck, and 130+ yards on the ground and a TD from our RB combo sound? Mix in a couple of field goals and it sounds like a W to me.

Skins 20
Bills 16

So what is the Joe Theismann sign from earlier in the Blog? I just made that up to keep you reading and some of you fell for it. Suckers. Thats what you call a bait and switch and its illegal in retail but not in writing blogs, so sue me. Hail.

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