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Wishing on a healthy Offensive Line!!!!!!

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The ties that bind are sooo easily broken!!! Last season our beloved Redskins jumped out the gate at 6-2 and the NFL was our oyster....we were on a roll, Campbell and Portis were in the discussion for NFL MVP. This new hippie style of Head Coach with the Z-Shades and QB dodging medicine ball tactics was a breath of fresh air. Could we make a run???? It looked possible by our start. Our defense was stout and we had what looked like the makings of a playoff contender. We know in the NFL one thing could turn you from a contender to just another team in the middle of the pack especially if you have zero depth on the Offensive line. One injury on our offensive line exposed us as a team without quality depth. The mark of champion is not the 22 starters on your offense or defense but all 53 men that make up your roster. A team is as good as its weakest link and our lack of depth on the offensive line proved that we were just a middle of the road ball team.

But this spring brought up new hope for our beloved franchise. What was deemed a weakness and probably a fault for our offensive failures hopefully have been addressed. New men have been brought in and one brought back. As we approach Training Camp we once again are hoping and praying that this season will be yet again be our time to prove the naysayers wrong. We should remind ourseleves that we are only as strong as our weakest link. If that link is on the offensive line and we pretty much know the script. I feel confident that our team will have a very good season one marked by a playoff appearance and victory!

So here is too our team 3....HIP HIP HOOORAY....HIP HIP HOOORAY....HIP HIP HOOORAY


  1. Aston Gambino's Avatar
    Totally agree. The offensive line shouldn't be the weak link anymore this year, and we seem to have a bit more depth at this position in case of an injury. Guess it's all down to Jason!
  2. skinsfan44's Avatar
    Even though we added a few new O linemen, I still believe we have issues with our O line that will once again keep us from either going to and making a run in the playoffs. I hope I am wrong.


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