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John Beck(ons)

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Is this thing on?

Maybe a better question is, does this thing still work?

It does? Really? Gotta say I am a bit stunned by that. Even more stunned if anyone noticed it went unused for nearly a year. Lots of dust in here, thats for sure.

So anyway, tough week for Redskin quarterbacks huh?

Rex Grossman throws 4 INTs against the Eagles to pretty much give away a winnable game at home against a division rival then lost his starting job to a guy who hasnt started a regular season game since 2007.

Donovan McNabb, the guy Rex replaced, actually had a decent outing going in Chicago (19-24 for 177) and still got replaced by rookie Christian Ponder in the middle of the game, a change which will carry over this week as Ponder gets his first NFL start against Green Bay. Good luck with that one, kid.

Jason Campbell, the incumbent here in DC prior to the ill-fated McNabb era, gets knocked out the game with Cleveland after having his collarbone broken, thus ending his season and, after the surprise pickup of Carson Palmer from the Bengals, likely his tenure in Oakland. Since he will be a Free Agent at the end of this season, my guess is he will be on his third team by this time next year.

It was such a bad week that Mark Scott Brunell couldnt get off the pine for an ineffective Sanchez with the Jets and no one called Todd Collins to come out of retirement.

OkI kid! I kid!

But the fact is, one could argue that the only Redskin QB who had a good week is John Beck. Inserted into the game with the Eagles for the 4th quarter, all Beck did is go 8 of 15 for 117 and rush for a TD to cut the lead to 7 with 2:48 to play. Oh, he had a couple of balls Im sure he wanted back. He sure had a couple I wanted him to have back, no question about that.

But lets consider, had he played the whole game like he played the 4th we are looking at 32 of 60 for 468.

Oh yeah, I can hear you saying that isnt realistic and you would be right. He would not have started the game by spotting the Eagles 14 points so presumably the running game would have been a bigger factor and he would not have thrown it 60 times. I can buy that argument. But it is still something to think about isnt it?

And he didnt get close to throwing an INT, something Rex did 4 times and tried to do at least twice more but failed due to a complete lack of cooperation by the Eagles D.
So all this has me looking at this week and wondering if Beck will have another good week against Carolina and I think the answer is yes.
First off, no one will confuse the Carolina D with the Eagles D. Not even if you get drunk and squint. On paper there are some similarities, sure, and they rank pretty close to each other but I think there is a difference between a team doing about as good as it can do (Carolina) and team that has been shooting itself in the foot most of the season (Philadelphia).

Carolina only has 9 sacks on the year, 1.5 a game, which bods well for the Skins offense in general, where the offensive line is hurting and facing some repositioning of guys, and Beck in particular, who is more mobile than Grossman.

And I have to think that with Beck in there for the first time and a banged up offensive line missing the whole starting left side, even Kyle will see the sense in pounding the rock with our RB trio against the 31st ranked rush D in the league. Granted, so far Kyle has shown less insight here than I think most expect him to have, although Im not sure why. He wasnt known for a balanced offense in Houston and had an obvious preference to throw the ball. In this one respect, he is most definitely not his fathers son.

While Beck doesnt have the body of work that Grossman has, I am encouraged by the turnover numbers I see. Beck has 3 INTs in 6 career games which is less than half the rate of Rexs 49 INTs in 46 games. Sure, this may climb as Beck has more time under center but at least John gives us hope of a mistake free day in Charlotte on Sunday which is something I dont think even the most diehard Rex supporter would bet on at this point.

So whats the long and sort of this, you ask? Is Beck the guy for the Redskins?

Beyond this week, I have no clue but I do believe he will be the best Redskin quarterback on any field this weekend and I think he will end Sunday with his first career victory.

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