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2011 - Week 3 @ Dallas Cowboys

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Its dallas Week
(fansince62, BGO poster emeritus)

Its dallas week - A screaming comes across the sky.

Glance out the window and you will see a Burgundy, Gold, royal blue and silver contrail.

Its dallas week - Happy Redskin families are all alike; every cowboy family is unhappy in its own way.

The gathering begins anew my BGO brethren and sistren. Apocalypse now and then. The prototypic NFC championship. 1972. Billy connects with Charlie T and the game is busted wide open. 26-3 punctuates the first of many trips to the ultimate game. DC erupts. Republicans and Democrats living together. Mass hysteria. and so it began. and so it goes.

I know what youre thinking. Did Kilmer toss 2 or 3 TDs that game? well, to tell you the truth, in all the excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being as that was the Washington Redskins, the most powerful pigskin team in the world, and would blow your team clean off the field, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, cowlick punks?

Its dallas week - Call me Shanahallen.

In many ways its inscrutable. we will never fathom the full significance of this drama; the conflict between heart and corporation, between team and owner ego; the contest between all that is football righteous and all that is prime time fabrication. Americas Team indeed.

But the new stewards understand that divide. They know that history. theyre gonna honor it. Our inheritance is being rebuilt from the foundation up. Finally. The culture of professionalism and team first has been resurrected. You hear it when Chris says he wants back into the locker room cuz something special is going on. You see it when, of a sudden, false starts and needless timeouts have vanished. you know it when an 80 yard drive is methodically executed climaxing with an end zone penetration that produces six big ones. Choke on that cowgirls.

Our side of the divide has tradition. Tradition built on hard nosed running. Its not a stretch to think that Diesel fueled glory is on the rebound. Were in the zone! The line has us covered and uncovered, pin and pulled, riding the tracks. And its starting to work. Holy Moses Hightower! one step, turn up field and off he goes. Ponytail Express! You Say Helu and I say Goodbye. Its all in the eyes.

Alas...we arrive at an impasse. If past is prologue, dallas games inevitably are marked by long strikes downfield. Sonny to Charley, Billy to Roy, Ryp to Art, Mark to Santana. Two games into the season and this hasnt been a demonstrated skill set. In fact, it hasnt been demonstrated at all. The passing game has been racking up yardage as if it were a deficit counter! But no deep passes.

Misters Rex, Mike, and Kyle: Tear down that deep strike wall!

Einstein says that if Fred runs toward Rex on a pass play hell actually see Rexs watch slow down. Seriously! I believe it. The man executing the game plan has found his football reference frame. All components of the offense are connected. Ask him. Hell tell you the game has slowed down for him! Hes making the reads, seeing the checks, executing. While waiting for that mythical deep pass, especially against this years version of dallas suspect secondary, just keep that clockwork run/play action mix rolling along.

Remember the last few seasons? Manthat O-line swiveled faster than a turnstile at Macys the morning after Thanksgiving. Rumor had it that end of season O-line bonuses were tied to sacks, hits and pressures on our QBs! Ergowe sported some of the best paid linemen in the league. Thats all changed. sort of. A blend of quick passing, play action and bootlegs is buying time and space. But ole Rex, hes not the fleetest afoot. Hes getting hammered. the mad cows currently lead NFL defenses in sacks. This is the other end that needs some repair to make the deep game click; to keep our QB in one piece.

Trent, Jammal, Chris, Kory, Will: Theres a force in the Universe that makes things happen. All you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop Thinking. Let things happen. Be the pass Block. Find your center. Hear nothing. Feel nothing.

A cowpie fan asks a fortune teller what Heaven is like. The fortuneteller gazes into her crystal ball, and says, Hmmmm, I see some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there are several golf courses in Heaven and they are all incredibly beautiful.

Wow! Terrific! Whats the bad news?

You have a 2030 tee time Monday 26 September.

cowpoxmeet the defense; the angels of your destruction. Theyre hungry. McRibs appear to be on the menu. We all know who will be serving them up. Too bad. So sad.

Last years 3-4 volte-face implemented a novel concept: break but dont bend defense. And break it did; with singular success. The players apparently misinterpreted 34 to correlate to goal setting for total defensive ranking. That misconception has been erased. We reloaded and restocked. Its still a work in progress. Its also a top ten scoring defense. Athletes now man the line. These athletes will stop the run. (Note to selves: theyre 31st in the league with 2.3 yards per carry).

And let us not forgeta sadist is a masochist who follows the golden rule. And our secondary is staffed with equal measures of both. (Note to selves: theyre 3rd in the league averaging 376 passing yards a game). This will most certainly require a complete team effort. Pressure from the d-line will have to be consistent and brutal. No confusion in the secondary. No missed hand-offs. No second place finishes in 80 yard sprints ok D Hall?

Gentlemen: Rak em up! Bow em up!

Its dallas week - The sky above the port in cowboys stadium is the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

I dont follow these GED challenged archetypes for failure. Im not going to analyze their weaknesses or run the list of their multiple failings. I dont need to. The strategy is always the same: stop the run, contain the tight end, dont get beat deep. Oh yea, and score more than they do!

Its dallas week - Second place is for the first loser.

Lets dispense with the niceties. Kick their arses. Tradition demands no less.

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