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Same As It Ever Was........

NFL Hiatus

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Going to make this quick because if I wrote a lengthy post about it, you'd either think I need to be wearing a tin foil hat or you might already be in agreement with me.

I've really grown tired of the terrible officiating in the NFL. I can't verify if it's just bad or it's bad on purpose b/c the NFL is trying to push a narrative or a storyline (on MNF the storyline was Drew Brees, his record and his legacy- btw there was a football game being played but that didn't matter much).
But it makes the game just unwatchable.....

Yes, even more unwatchable than the 'Skins flopping around on the ground like fish out of water or giving opposing WRs approximately a 20 yard cushion.

Last year I watched approximately 3 full Redskins games in a 17 week season. The officiating around the league was so terrible that I couldn't have Red Zone on without at least 2-3 highly questionable calls happened during multiple games. So, I quit watching. It's been a trend I've noticed for the past 4-5 years, if not longer, but in 2017 I had enough.

This year through 3 games and on games I watched on Red Zone, it had seemed that the problems had been fixed (with one exception, the horrible roughing the passer calls). Then came MNF and for the 1st time this year, I became really angry watching football. I don't think the penalties changed the outcome of the game, but it did make the game much less watchable unless you really wanted to watch Drew Brees in prime time. ESPN needs those ratings.......

You see, I can deal with Redskins mediocrity. I watched the Norv years and I was a season ticket holder for Zorn and Shanahan.
What I can't deal with is either lousy officiating or officiating that is so questionable that makes me question if the NFL is pushing narrative through rules manipulation instead of allowing an athletic contest to be played.

So, I'm just going to stop watching. If a multi-billion dollar revenue company can't resolve it's problems (with the acceptable occasional screw up from time to time) then I guess things are just going to stay the same. But I don't need to waste my time watching it.

I will still be posting but there will be more focus on the draft and maybe some commentary on the state of the team etc.

BTW this is my opinion and not those of BGO, just to make it clear.

One last thing. ESPN's coverage is terrible. It was like listening to the Saints broadcasting network. I swear the guy calling play by play was doing his best Larry Michael impersonation but it was pro-Saints/Drew Brees. What killed me was instead of talking about a play, the announcer paused and then asked Jason Witten about the Cowboys and how they were playing this year.



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