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Burner's Burning Questions

Burner’s Burning Questions: Grades, Evals, Questions, Regular Season, 2018

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Greetings to everyone here and greetings to all of our friends on social media. We hope you become a member of the family here.

The new season is about to begin and the Redskins are facing another tough sixteen game schedule. In the first in-season entry to our new in-season blog for 2018, we will make a game by game prediction.

In this new format, BBQ will continue to post grades, evaluations, and questions each week during the season. This new format will be far better than trying to have a series of blogs after each game and it will allow us to have better organization and continuity for this blog.

All of us would love to see a 16-0 record, but let’s see if we can make some accurate prognostications. Are you ready for some football?

2018 Season Predictions

September 9 – Redskins at Cardinals
Arizona has weapons on offense. The Redskins have many new weapons on defense. Redskins win on a late field goal.
Redskins 23 Cardinals 20
Record: 1-0

September 16 – Colts at Redskins
The Redskins have a chance to get off to a good start. A close game becomes a comfortable win in the final quarter.
Redskins 31 Colts 20.
Record: 2-0

September 23 – Packers at Redskins
The Packers are significantly improved and prove it.
Packers 38 Redskins 21
Record: 2-1

Week Four, Bye
The Redskins are off to a decent start after the first three weeks and get an early season break.

October 8 – Redskins at Saints
With some time to prepare for a tough opponent, the Redskins are not able to overcome a series of mistakes.
Saints 21 Redskins 17
Record: 2-2

October 14 – Panthers at Redskins
A game that could go either way and it does feature several lead changes, but the Redskins prevail.
Redskins 19 Panthers 17
Record: 3-2

October 21 – Cowboys at Redskins
The Rivalry. Enough said.
Redskins 26 49ers 21
Record: 4-2

October 28 – Redskins at Giants
Eli Manning is having a poor season, but Saquon Barkley is on fire.
Giants 27 Redskins 24
Record: 4-3

November 4 – Falcons at Redskins
The Falcons are looking like a Super Bowl team and continue their superb season.
Falcons 38 Redskins 28
Record: 4-4

November 11 – Redskins at Buccaneers
A game that is tighter than it should be, but the Redskins prevail.
Redskins 34 Buccaneers 24
Record: 5-4

November 18 – Texans at Redskins
The Texans have too many weapons and use them to defeat the home team.
Texans 30 Redskins 17
Record: 5-5

November 22 – Redskins at Cowboys
The Thanksgiving Day game has the Redskins eating crow.
Cowboys 24 Redskins 16
Record: 5-6

December 3 – Redskins at Eagles
A dreaded primetime game. The season is slipping away.
Eagles 41 Redskins 27
Record: 5-7

December 9 – Giants at Redskins
Keeping slim playoff chances alive - barely.
Redskins 37 Giants 14
Record: 6-7

December 16 - Redskins at Jaguars
Elimination from the playoffs and a lopsided loss.
Jaguars 35 Redskins 17
Record: 6-8

December 22/23, TBD – Redskins at Titans
The Titans are fighting for a playoff spot.
Titans 28 Redskins 23
Record: 6-9

December 30 – Eagles at Redskins
Eagles are fighting for home field advantage in the playoffs.
Eagles 45 Redskins 20
Record: 6-10

These predictions in recent years haven’t been fun at all. It was especially tough this time. What are your expectations for 2018? Do you see a better record? Worse? Are there any surprises coming for 2018? Let us know what you are thinking.

See you next week with grades, evaluations, and questions for game one.

It’s time for some football!

Hail To The Redskins!



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