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2016 Week 17 - Giants @ Redskins

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Blognosticator - Miles Monroe

So, as I sit here, a scene from a Little Rascals episode comes to mindÖ the carrot dangling from a string urging a horse on. Thatís our Redskins, and our carrot is a wild card spot. With Dallas putting the screws to Detroit, win and weíre inÖÖ and no, donít bring up a tie between Green Bay and Detroit, itís not happening. Iíve been seeing a mixed bag of opinion around the netÖ. Why sneak in only to be a speed bump for another team. Of course, thereís just as many fans saying just get in, and see where it takes us. I like to view it not as other teams helping us get in, but as other teams not helping themselves get in. Our fate is in our own hands for what itís worth, and you really canít ask for much more than that. It begins with a winÖ.

Iím all for getting in any way possible, and itís for more than the chance to advance Iím looking at. For one, this is a chance for the Skins to prove that last season wasnít a fluke. We heard a lot of the week division and easy schedule stuff last year. Like last season, we had our fair share of adversity again, and weíve managed to be in position to make the playoffs with a couple of differences. Youíd be hard pressed to find a Redskins fan who expected Dallas and NY to be as good as they have turned out to be this season. Even Philly has actually played well enough to be in close games on more than a few occasions, so, we had to play in a much tougher division this season, and with a tougher schedule. Making the playoffs for a second season is a sign of forward progress.

That brings us to the final game of the regular seasonÖ. THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS ! When I saw this one on the schedule, I just knew deep down inside, this game was going to have playoff implications . Many of us said the Giants were mortgaging the future with the huge signings on defense, and Iím guessing that many, deep down inside wish we had done the same. Yet, when itís counted most, our D as shoddy as it is, has made crucial stops enough times this season to get us in a position to advance. We all know the keys for defense to win this one. Getting pressure on Eli, and limiting OBJ. Yes, stopping the run factors in a great deal, but pressure in Eliís face throws off their entire passing game. Beckham has great success with the short crossing routs, and the one place you normally wonít see Norman covering him, so the backers and safeties have to be on their game. Throw off the timing with a consistent push up front, and with as opportunistic as our secondary has been, we should be able to produce a take away or two. We know Eli has it in him when the pressure is on, and if it takes playing man, and blitzing all night, we canít give Eli a clean pocket. Heíll eat us alive.

Iím not very concerned about the offenseÖ I think. The average Joe would figure that Coach Gruden would have these guys fired up, and ready to rip the Giants apart. More often than not, this team has come out flat on offense for important games, and thatís more than a bit troubling. Weíve seen this team score a lot of points this season. Enough to keep pace with most teams if the D does just an average job. If the offense shows up firing on all cylinders Sunday, I think we win this one. We need to set the tone on our first possession, and score. My head might actually explode if we win the toss, and give Eli the ball to start. Any fan with a pulse, and slightly coherent knows we donít win without running the ball 20 times or more. Iím still not sure the coaching staff understands that yet, and if they donít after last week, weíre in trouble. We get away from the run, and the Giants will turn up the heat on Cousins, and that generally doesnít go well for us. Fat Rob could do a number on the Giants, but heís hurting a bit. I have faith that Brown can fill in nicely if Kelly canít go. That will also give Thompson more opportunities, and thatís never a bad thing from where Iím sitting. I really canít remember the last time the Redskins have been deep at running back and receiver, and it couldnít come at a better time. Even with Reed out, this team can be very effective moving the ball. Iím very confident in our receivers, and expect Garcon and Crowder to have a huge day, and the rest of the receivers fill in the blanks nicely. This offense can beat anybody when there in tune passing, and running the ball consistently, yet the question of which offense will show up looms large. Itís one thing to play your butt off in a shoot out and lose, and another to come out with a lack of focus and urgency and get your butt handed to you.

In the end, you know the drill. Throw out the records and how the teams match up. When these two teams play, anything can happen. The Giants should be fired up, and salivating over the thought of playing spoiler. As for the Redskins, I expect them to come out fired up and ready to play. At home with the season on the line, we win a close oneÖ

Redskins 27 Giants 20



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