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2016 Week 14 - Redskins @ Eagles

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Blognosticator - JohnssBass

Phat Rob Phlattens Phrickn Philly

Thats the headline that we should be reading come Monday morning or words to that effect. Back in week 6, Redskins put up 230 yards rushing against a 3-1 eGals team with a defense that was still pretty good against the run after only giving up one 100-yard game in the first four. The Skins rushed for more yards than anyone else has against Philly this season which was 40 better than second best Dallas.

Run the rock that defense is not as good as it was 2 months ago, 26 first downs in game 1 by Washington tied for the most (Dallas) against them. It was a good game plan; run hold the clock (9+ mins of TOP) put points up.

eGals secondary has been hemorrhaging yards lately. I fear that the powers that be are going to want to exploit that, which may not the best plan. Just take a shot if its there but its not worth force feeding Cousins a 400+ yard game if he gets injured behind a line that isnt real healthy right now. Besides they dont have a great record in games with Kirk throwing 300+ yards. Run the ball its safer and theyve already proven they can do it against these guys.

Wentz is a rookie QB who has a couple of his own 300+ yard games (all loses). Youd think that a guy who is 65/240 lbs would be hard to sack. Washington dropped him 5 times in their first meeting. Keep Carson under the gun, just like last time. A lot of their offense is beaten up, theyre leaning on the pass because without a healthy Ryan Matthews they arent running anywhere except back to the locker room.

Some teams have gotten better since the beginning of the year, like Washington. Some have not, like these guys in green who have won 2 games since the October meeting and lost 5. This should be a straight forward game plan by the Skins, just repeat what they did the first time. Not a time to get cute or for experimentation. Run the ball - stay healthy, come back with a win.

Washington 24 Philadelphia 13.

I hate Philly in a way like no other, they deserve any evil that befalls them. Every game should be retribution for the body bag game but not at the expense of the health of Redskins players. Philly has nothing to lose, Skins do. Washington has a fair chance of making the playoffs but the one guy that they really cant replace at this point of the season is the one named Kirk. Run till you can run no more. Then run some more.

Hail to All! Thanx, Neo for the opportunity to do this again. Its always a lot o fun


  1. Win4us's Avatar
    Nice piece JB. Somebody needs to email Kirk & tell him to start checking out of called pass plays into runs.


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