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Off to The Big Apple.

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0-2. This is a number I'm used to.

Kirk says his receivers have every right to be pissed at him (or words to that effect!). Once again, we took chunks out of the yardage required until we got to the red zone, then it was field goal heaven. When we did threaten, the ball was picked off. Fortunately, it wasn't a pick 6 as one of those would have put Dallas further in front.

I was hoping the 'Dak Attack' novelty had worn off by week two, but when Dak led the Cowgirls to a score on their very first drive, it was going to be a long afternoon (or in my case, early morning). Those long third downs were there to be stopped, but Dak-to-Dez was starting to have an effect. I even predicted that the second third-and-long would go for 17 yards. Also, Golston getting hurt and subsequently being placed on IR didn't help, putting us a D-lineman down for almost the whole game. Thankfully we signed Cullen Jenkins five days earlier as I'm sure someone would have trumped us, just in spite.

This week we leave FEDEX and will be hosted by the Gnats (2-0). They beat Dallas in the opener, but people are saying it was only a mistake by Dallas that got them home, and just scraped by the visiting New Orleans. Everyone has been waiting for the Norman v Beckham Jnr match-up. Will there be a scuffle during the game, or will both play football how football should be played? I'm expecting the former, and as such both will be 'dismissed' from playing further. If so, this will give the Redskins the opportunity to see who wants to play, and who can play. The Gnats have the receivers to cover the loss but do the Redskins have the secondary? The other option is that Josh will only cover the left hand side of the field, allowing Beckham Jnr. to take Breeland, which in turn will allow Manning to rack up the stats, but hopefully not the score.

On defence, DeSean has to be patient, as does Pierre and Jamison, whilst Kirk gets his shit together. Another sub-standard game (read: unable to advance the ball beyond the red zone) and we could see Colt come in. If it ever gets to that stage, Kirk can more or less kiss his expected hefty payday goodbye as no team will want him for what he will ask. Kirk will also have Keenan Robinson's knowledge of the playbook to deal with. Get over these two hurdles and the first two weeks will be forgotten (sort of!). I don't care if we are behind as long as we are in front at game's end.

Cousins needs to get back to how he was playing at the end of last season. Afterall, he does have a lot more to play for this season, and that is as well as a spot in the play-offs. A win will put our season back on track but a loss will see us three games from the top of the division and ranked with the likes of The Browns, Jaguars, Bills and Saints as a team only making up the numbers. However, a win would put us in the middle of the pack with about 10-12 other teams who have hope for a winning season.

The big decision will be whether I stay awake for the game (kick-off is at 3am Monday morning for me) and do nothing for the next couple of days, or wait until later in the morning to log in and check the scores? On TV we have Minnesota @ Carolina followed by Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia. The lunchtime game this week is Chicago @ Dallas, so I don't have any option but to 'watch' via Game Centre.



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